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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-12
With the rapid development of the beverage industry, the blow molding machine is a plastic bottle production equipment, and improving the production of plastic bottles per unit time is the most important indicator. However, domestic blow molding machines have always been a weakness in terms of customer service. Without a complete after-sales service system, it has been difficult for domestic blow molding machines to effectively improve their domestic reputation. As some large-scale blow molding machine companies begin to pay attention to this market , At present, the brand of domestic blow molding machine in the market has been gradually improved and has been recognized by the market. With the development of the bottle blowing machine industry and the domestic plastic bottle market, it has developed rapidly in recent years, and some small companies engaged in the production of bottle blowing machines are also in the process of development and growth. Since the reform and opening up, the small workshop has gradually shortened the gap between international giants, and some of the manufacturing technologies of the bottle blowing machine have reached the international leading level. Some blow molding machine manufacturers have a prescribed delivery time after receiving the order. If you need to deliver in a short period of time, the purchase of blow molds needs to be purchased quickly. Under this circumstance, there is no bottle blowing mold manufacturer nearby, which poses a big problem for the bottle blowing machine manufacturer. This is also a problem to be solved by the domestic blowing mold industry. In the future, with the popularity of domestic blow molding machines in the market, I believe it will gradually enter the international market.
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