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Bottle blowing machine in what should be prepared before use

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-29
Bottle blowing machine before use what should do to prepare for the bottle blowing machine may everyone are very familiar with, is mainly used for the bottle blowing machines, bottle blowing machine mainly plastic particles can be or have been softening liquid through a certain process means blow molding bottle, become people need compared and other raw materials, plastic hollow container not only light weight and low price, and security is very high, it can be seen everywhere in our life, especially in the home used in various bottles, etc are produced by using the plastic as raw materials, to bring more convenience for people, but, when people use the bottle blowing machine about what should be prepared before 1, bottle blowing machine before use should be carefully check all the moving parts are strong, and you also need to carefully check whether there is a screw loose phenomenon, if any, should be timely fastening, ensure safety and stability in the process of using 2, for the impact force is very strong place should check the belt drive part is normal, if appear wear away the phenomenon of serious, need to be replaced and processing, and also need to add lubricating oil parts, each part to ensure the service life of mechanical equipment for a long time
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