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Bottle blowing machine failure analysis method

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-05-24
Bottle blowing machine system, the kinds of fault objectively with q, see, hear, touch, smell and other methods to understand the system working condition, carries on the analysis, diagnosis, and determine the causes of failure and parts, specific practices are as follows: (1) ask equipment operators, to understand the status of the equipment operation. Including: bottle blowing machine system work is normal; Bottle blowing machine pump presence of abnormal phenomenon; Clean bottle blowing machine oil detection time and results. Filter cleaning and replacement; Whether failure occurs before the bottle blowing machine element for the adjustment; Whether to replace packing element; Bottle blowing machine system appeared before and after the fault which is not normal phenomenon; What past the system fault, is how to eliminate, such as understanding should be carried out one by one. (2) look at the actual condition of bottle blowing machine system, observation system, speed, oil pressure, leakage, vibration, etc. If there is a problem. 3. Listen to the voice of bottle blowing machine system, such as impact noise, the noise of the pump and abnormal sound; Judge the bottle blowing machine system work is normal. (4) to touch, vibration, creep and temperature joint tightness, determine the moving parts work status is normal. In short, simple diagnosis method is a simple qualitative analysis, for quick judgment and troubleshooting, has a wide range of practicality.
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