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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-14
For blow molding machine manufacturers, my country has become the world's major plastic product producer, and the domestic market is almost saturated. With the continuous increase in the number of domestic blow molding machine manufacturers and the continuous improvement of the manufacturing level, the competition in the blow molding machine market has become increasingly fierce. Now, more and more manufacturers are beginning to blow the pace of internationalization, and almost all blow molding machine manufacturers will have full-time sales managers for foreign trade. In fact, in overseas markets, blow machine manufacturers have a broader space for development. However, the overseas market for blow molding machines does not have the blue ocean as imagined. According to the European and American markets, it is difficult to enter the foreign trade of the country’s blow molding machine market. Because of the traditional well-known companies of bottle blowing machines are basically gathered in these countries. And these countries often have strict standards for blow molding products, and the natural requirements for all aspects of the blow molding machine are also very high. The technical level of domestic blow molding machine manufacturers, most of these countries have a certain gap with the traditional blow molding machine manufacturers, so it is difficult to enter the market. Relatively speaking, the countries with blowing machine technology in Asia and Africa are not very high, it is more the price of blowing machine, which is the main opportunity for domestic manufacturers of blowing machine. However, some well-known European and American multinational blowing machine companies in these markets have also been deploying, and there is still competition. In addition to finding out the various parameters of the overseas market, in addition to timely adjustment of the product. Another magic weapon to overcome overseas markets is after-sales service. For those who want to invest in a plastic bottle factory, purchasing a cost-effective, stable quality, and timely service blow molding machine is an urgent matter in front of us. For blow molding machines, many companies are very unfamiliar with the introduction of post-sale mechanisms. So how to quickly understand the problems encountered by customers in the process of use is particularly critical, and more importantly, the subsequent post-service of the machine. This is difficult to understand. For a long time, foreign blow molding machine companies such as sidel have been technologically ahead of domestic blow molding machines. After nearly 30 years of development, domestic blow molding machine companies have made considerable progress, and some equipment manufacturing level companies have been comparable to foreign blow molding machine companies. For the choice of the bottle blowing machine, you are not only asked about the manufacturing technology. After the bottle blowing machine is sold, there are higher requirements. When a qualified bottle blowing machine company sells, it also needs to be responsible for the relevant guidance of the bottle blowing machine and the assembly of the bottle blowing machine. At the same time, there should be an after-sales service outlet for blow molding machines to follow up the maintenance of blow molding machines. All of these require the company to have a complete customer service system for the bottle blowing machine, which cannot be established in a short time. What is gratifying is that at present, some large domestic companies have continuously improved their after-sales service system.
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