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Bottle blowing machine blowing bottle common problem and a detailed solution

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-05-25
Bottle blowing machines, blow out of the bottle at the bottom of the product material? Analytic: bottle product material common factor is stretching rod no adjustment in place, suggested that bottle preform and bottle between the stretch ratio of 1:2 best. 5 ( Excluding bottle part) , at the same time, adjust the heating temperature and prolong the blow. 2, bottle blowing machines, blow out the deformation of the bottle neck? Analytic: general bottle bottle deformation billet in the process of heating, transport chain that drives the transmission temperature to the bottle mouth, bottle base accumulating in the process of heating temperature, the bottle mouth bulge deformation. Only need to increase the bottle out of the air cooling or water cooling, if conditions allow, can consult JinKouJi, installation of central air-conditioning in production workshop, keep the workshop environment temperature in normal temperature condition. 3, bottle blowing machine should be how to operate, should check what accessories? Analytic: as long as strictly according to the instructions on the method to control device, check the performance of each exit, equipment is safe as a whole. But the equipment of the biggest hidden danger in the water jacket, main gas set of seals, such as water, gas case of damage, maintenance engineering is more trouble. 4, carbonated beverage bottle blowing machine blowing bottle how much horse cold water machine? Carbonated bottles with the confidential than water bottles with cold water chiller about five horses. A little bit more simple algorithm can be calculated according to 1200 bottles/horse, for example: 36000 bottle/can match 30 pieces of cold water machine. In order to ensure the requirement of stress carbonated bottle, cooling time is usually 1. 2 seconds, the bottom mold temperature is 11 degrees. Heating furnace with the lamp for reference configuration of hot filling machine, bottle preform effective heating time should not less than 33 seconds. 5, hot filling bottle blowing machine, blowing bottle non-crystalline highest temperature tolerance? How much the bottle preform grams? Analytic: industry currently adopted by the internal production of hot filling bottle preform generally divided into crystalline and non-crystalline mouth mouth, mouth and non-crystalline mouth is divided into 28 and 38 opening two kinds. In terms of bottle, crystal mouth can be 100 degrees of deformation resistance, but only 92 degrees, non-crystalline mouth heat-resistant limit high bottle will heat deformation. Blowing medium temperature bottle preform and adopted by the gram weight is best can according to the request of hot filling material. If the single mode 1700 bottles/design, the single mode cycle is 2. 1 second, of which a quarter of the time is the time for the lock mode, the remaining 3/4 time to process time, minus the balance, sealing, stretching and blowing of 0. 2 seconds, in fact, high pressure forming and pressure crystallization time is only 1 second, purge the setting time is 0. For 3 seconds, convergent and leave time to 0. 1 second. Here said the time allocation is only a reference, the specific time to be in production by real time adjustment and control panel. Must be carried out strictly, compressed air refrigeration dryer after processing can be used in high wind and cold wind, and as the line between air compressor to bottle blowing machine, in order to avoid the leakage of pipeline in the sun insolates, used to purge the shapes of the compressed air pipe insulation should be used in a cotton padded covering up, in order to make sure the temperature of the air supply is not affected.
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