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by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-05
With the continuous development of the domestic plastic market, after the bottle blowing machine industry, in recent years, its application is more and more widely in the field of food, medicine. Bottle blowing machine is a kind of plastic particles produced by the blow molding process into a hollow container equipment, the more common models include the use of PP and PE a molding hollow extrusion machine, blowing machine using PET, PC or PP twice molding injection blow bottle machine, and developed new multi-story hollow extrusion blow and stretch blow molding. At present most of the bottle blowing machine or two footwork bottle blowing machine, namely must first plastic raw materials to make bottle embryo, then blowing. Nowadays environmental protection plastic PET material is usually used. Plastic blow molding machine: it is the liquid spray out, after using the machine to blow out of the wind, blowing plastic body attached to a certain shape of the cavity, which made the product, this machine is called a blow molding machine. Also is a kind of bottle blowing machine, hydraulic bottle blowing machine. Bottle blowing machine adopted by the industries are developing rapidly, mainly due to its distinctive traits, first of all, the bottle blowing machine adopts oil-free air clamping technology, large clamping force, and toggle into force less operation, long service life. Second, the fly out of the sealed patent technology, make it easier for sealing especially jar sealing. In addition, keyence PLC, touch-screen, easier operation and high reliability. With the wide application, however, demand also is increasing day by day, at present, the pharmaceutical industry has two big pressing needs for bottle blowing device. One is due to raw material prices continue to rise, the enterprise all the time don't want to on how to reduce the packaging cost to achieve the maximization of profit, so you need to use advanced bottle blowing equipment to produce lighter bottle; Secondly, as the market is changing with each passing day, manufacturing enterprises must be flexible to medicine and shorter life cycle of reaction,. These two urgent demand to bottle blowing equipment suppliers out a lot of problems. Therefore, in the development process, the bottle blowing machine enterprises want to obtain long-term development must face these problems, to play their own advantages to grab market, industry and continue to strengthen technical innovation, so as to stabilize the market.
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