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by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-29
Blow molding is the formation of hollow plastic parts manufacturing process. Blow molding, generally there are three main types, namely the extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding and stretch blow molding. Blow molding mold used in the manufacture of plastic containers, including a substrate, within the matrix can accommodate to make the body of the container and the interior surface of the substrate completely surrounded with manufacturing container, including blow molding mold has a ring to relative blow molding mold a neck support vessel, in which relative to the ring on the ring set up the circular edge inward projection distance protection device, the distance protection device to prevent, in the case of a vessel relative blow molding mold tilt the body of the container and blow molding mold wall contact. Long life blow molding mold design and manufacturing is blow molding industry demand. Decide the efficiency of the die factors are: l) Materials; 2) Cooling; 3) Cutting mouth design; 4) Exhaust. Making mould materials must have high thermal conductivity and enough cutting blade intensity. The current aluminum 70/75 is making most of the mold with advanced alloys. Because of the metal machining performance is good, so the cavity is usually made from cutting machine. Is copper alloy mould also has a high heat resistance and good corrosion resistance. However, its cost is high, the price is expensive, and because the proportion of three times the aluminium, may wear more serious on the molding machinery. Be alloy steel mold is easy to repair by welding or Mosaic method. The performance of thermal conductivity of cast aluminum mold less than cutting aluminum mold. Cavity of the cutting mouth often need to break the copper alloy or stainless steel Mosaic, because the strength and hardness of the aluminum can't satisfy the cutting blade requirements. Kirk alloy ( Zinc) Cavities in steel castings production. Cavity and bottom pouring into a certain size. Because of the strength is not enough to cut off the plastic kirk alloy, operating hole and shoulder area with copper alloy or stainless steel Mosaic. And at the bottom of the neck also use these two kinds of metal Mosaic. You can also use a casting mould casting was copper alloy production. Casting was die cavity more easily, because depend on pressure or gravity casting. The cavity has a lot of cavities by steel or ceramic mold production of precision parts. Cooling in the die design of challenging and is of great significance. Drilling type cooling pipes installed in places most in need of cooling. In order to better production control, most of the mould were designed several independent cooling zone. , which discharge heat up at the bottom of the neck and needs for the most effective cooling. Cutting mouth. Cutting design depth of the estuary could become a major factor parts production and quality. Cutting estuary is the place where excessive plastic parts when blowing into people. The type and shape of cutting mouth may decide to a part of welding conditions.
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