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by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-25
Blow molding machine, what is a blow molding machine? Simply speaking, it is a machine for blowing bottles, which is a machine that blows the finished preforms into bottles through certain technological means. Nowadays, whether in daily life or in industry, we are inseparable from the use of plastic bottles. However, the emergence of plastic bottles is inseparable from the blow molding machine. Nowadays, environmentally friendly plastics made of PET are commonly used. There are many types of blow molding machines. Zhangjiagang Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and production of more than 40 specifications and models of automatic PET bottle blowing machines, semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machines, blow molding machines and so on. The blow molding machine is suitable for producing plastic bottles, oil bottles, drinking buckets, etc. The bottle blowing process of the bottle blowing machine mainly has the following steps: first, put the heated preform into the mold, use the mold clamping cylinder to lock the mold, and then use high-pressure machinery to lock the preform mold; Blow air and stretch the air cylinder to expand the mold. Blow air at high pressure, so that the preform is formed by the mold, and the pressure is maintained for a certain period of time. Finally, the high pressure in the formed bottle is released, the air cylinder is reset, and the bottle is finally taken. Blowing machine: YCQ-5L-1/2/3PET edible oil bottle blowing machine is a two-step automatic blowing equipment specially developed for blowing 5 liter edible oil bottles. The series of PET bottle blowing machines can meet the needs of customers for large-capacity, high-speed, fully automated production. The PET bottle blowing machine has a maximum of 3 cavities, and a single cavity can produce a maximum of 5 liters of PET bottles and edible bottles. This PET bottle blowing machine can also blow other large-capacity plastic packaging containers above 2L, such as carbonated beverage bottles, medium and low temperature filling juice beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, pesticide bottles and other plastic bottles. Features of edible oil bottle (PET bottle) blow molding machine: 1. The PET bottle blowing machine is highly automated 2. The blow molding machine is highly efficient 3. The blow molding machine has a stable preform heating system and an efficient blowing system 4. High Yield, concealing high-speed flow production 5. During the blowing process, the bottle body is free of pollution safe and low noise
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