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Blow molding machine with a bottle of quality standards

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-11-06
Different volume of PET bottle in height, wall thickness, paragraphs weight, volume and center thickness has a standard error. PET bottle should be a good appearance is bright and clean, transparent and paragraphs center of wall thickness is appropriate, the bottle upright, center, foot wall thickness uniformity, no crack stiff neck, crooked mouth, bottle, pits, white mist and hard ring, and the bottle burst, leakage under prescribed conditions. The prescribed conditions is inside the bottle in about 0. 6 mpa pressure of gas, affix a seal, after about 20 min in 20% NaOH solution, or inside the bottle into the produce about 0. After 4 mpa pressure of gas, affix a seal, put in more than 30 min in 20% NaOH solution, don't burst, no leakage. The bottle under the condition of the above whether blowout, leakage is the key for testing the bottle quality indicators. In order to keep the bottle do not crack, seepage, has also asked beverage production enterprise storage warehouse should keep ventilated, dry and low temperature condition. According to the author, the practice of center thickness in 1. 4 - 1. 9 mm, center unbiased, foot wall thickness uniformity, no white fog, heavy bottom parts suitable cases, generally will not burst, leakage phenomenon, such as still have defects, should consider to preform the problem of raw materials.
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