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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-13
In 2016, Jinyi Machinery’s order volume has reached a higher level than previous years. This is inseparable from the overtime work of the masters during the driving, to complete the orders with quality and quantity, and to constantly seek improvement points in production. It is also inseparable from the salesmen working day and night. Exploit the market and tap customers, and continuously improve customer satisfaction. These are on one side, and on the other hand, the feedback from the old customers is very good, which helped to take off this year. Therefore, our company decided to conduct a return visit to some customers and provide necessary technical support and parts maintenance. Coinciding with the Nigeria Printing and Filling Exhibition held in Lagos, we contacted our old customers in Nigeria to inquire about the operation of the machine and whether it is necessary to replace some wearing parts. (After all, some customers use our machines for three to five years, some The joints or valves will inevitably be damaged.) After confirming the list, two of our company began to visit Nigeria. As the plane slowly landed at Lagos Airport, busy and meaningful visits kicked off. The first stop is the Miss Teju factory. When I first arrived at the factory, the teju factory was renovated and looked spacious and tidy. Our machine was placed in the center. The workers were connecting auxiliary machines and installing the feeder, everything was in order. Teju asked our company to purchase this machine two years ago, but recently teju encountered a little trouble. Her newly ordered mold seemed to blow out and the bottom of the bottle was white. Upon hearing this news, we immediately communicated with her engineer. And understand. After confirming the mold and bottle, we were actually relieved. This is a small problem, because the new teju bottle has a plum blossom base, which is the same shape as our usual coke bottle. This shape requires a slightly focused preform. This way the bottom will be full. Teju used the regular 17g to blow before, so the bottom inevitably turned white. After suggesting him to blow 20g, the problem was solved. After solving teju's urgent need, enthusiastic teju took us to experience Nigeria. Teju quietly helped us buy unique national costumes and took us to taste delicious local food. The customer's enthusiasm is an affirmation of us, and it is also the motivation to continue to encourage our Jinyi people to solve problems for customers! The second stop, Mr.puma factory. Puma's main business is in the construction industry. Before purchasing the machine, he knew nothing about the blow molding machine, so he decided to purchase a semi-automatic machine first to check the quality of our company and understand the local market. When we walked into his factory, the area was small and the machine was running all the time. Puma told us that they had established a cooperative relationship with the local supermarket. Now the market is huge and the work pressure is great. Sometimes semi-automatic can't keep up with market demand. We introduced to him the new semi-automatic one out of four, which not only saves a large amount of cost, but also has a linear increase in production capacity. Now the customer puts the purchase on the agenda. The three-day trip to Nigeria quickly came to an end, but we firmly believe that the cooperative trip with Nigerian friends has just started, and the road will become flatter and wider.
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