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Blow Molding Machine, Saudi Arabia Jeddah Exhibition-Machinery Professional Production

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-12
Saudi Arabia is one of the world's most important sources of petroleum, as well as an important source of petrochemical products in the world. With the development of modern economy and society, plastic products derived from petrochemical products and their corresponding packaging, chemicals, etc. have all become popular industries at present. Facing the huge plastic consumer market in Saudi Arabia, exhibitors from all over the world actively participated in the 2017 Jeddah exhibition, striving to make a brand and market at this exhibition. This week, Jinyi blow molding machine manufacturer and his party will go to Saudi Arabia to participate in the 2017 Jeddah 4P exhibition. I hope to use this platform to discuss and learn the latest cooperation programs and technologies for PET blow molding machines with companies from various countries. At the same time, it can also establish good business contacts with entrepreneurs in the same industry as PET blow molding machines. In the process of mutual learning, we will make progress with each other, so as to better bring our services to every user in the world. The three-day exhibition will attract hundreds of local and foreign exhibitors, and thousands of professional visitors will also gather here. This is a display of technology and culture. We hope that by then our company can provide a unique opportunity for local entrepreneurs and industrialists to learn about our PET blow molding machine and corresponding technical solutions.
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