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Blow molding machine - — Plastic industry awards of analysis in the future

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-11-06
Takeaway: plastic industry is the pillar of the national economy, at present, the domestic consumption of the daily plastic products will be steady growth, the world's daily plastic products consumption also will not have too big change. Plastics industries, according to the annual provincial capital & ndash; — China plastics industry conference on May 27, was held in zhejiang kaiyuan xiaoshan hotel. The theme of the conference for & throughout; Growth is slowing economic growth under the Beijing plastic futures industry service & other; 。 Since last year, the present economic situation in the moderate recovery in the us and Europe, but still have large uncertainty; Domestic economic growth, industrial structure adjustment pressures. But in the plastic industry, as a result of the downstream packaging film, agricultural film and accommodation products such as closer to the terminal consumption and improve life, the demand of the plastic always maintain price high growth, plastic raw materials prices but are out of the haze, two years ago to return to the rally. On this situation, this conference is the current form of China's macroeconomic analysis and forecast, global energy prices, and contrast the effects of chemical market, plastic plate I futures operation development and industry under the new situation on communication services such as an organic whole, from government agencies, industry associations, chemical industry, futures companies in more than 400 guests will be attending. www。 czfmc。 com
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