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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-10
Where can I start with the question of whether plastic bottles can be used continuously? What are the tips for using the bottle blowing machine? The article elaborates on these two issues from two aspects. One is the use of raw materials. The second is the selection and troubleshooting of the bottle blowing machine. The use of raw materials: First, in the selection of raw materials, lighter and environmentally friendly plastic bottles should be selected, which is conducive to reducing the use of raw materials and improving the recycling of plastic bottles. Second, in product packaging, we should consider the environment, consumers and the advantages of the material itself, and choose the best combination of plastic materials that can be used in transportation, storage and sales, instead of just pursuing the exquisite packaging and materials. Luxury. Third, in the research and development of new materials, although there are many mature and accepted materials such as PE, PVC, PC, etc., in order to prevent the excessive use or even exhaustion of the original production materials, the majority of plastic bottle companies and manufacturers are The development and use of materials is imminent. Blowing machine use options: First, equipment improvement. New processes and equipment can simplify the operation process or save costs and resources. For example, traditional long-necked containers will cause liquid overflow and leakage, which not only wastes raw materials, but also requires investment of manpower and material resources for cleaning. The use of a new design such as PET bottle blowing machine, with its linear and rotary transmission mode is more concise and rapid transmission of liquid, blowing out more plastic bottles. Second, use the environment. Generally, it is necessary to consider the process used by the blow molding machine, such as cold aseptic infusion, hot infusion, etc.; and temperature control in the blowing process. Third, the choice of plastic film technology. The dry-wet composite method of single-layer film, which is often used in the early days, is gradually eliminated due to high cost and low quality. Now, the multi-layer co-extrusion composite process is mostly used. Tips for removing the dangers and obstacles in the use of the bottle blowing machine: To eliminate the faults and obstacles in the process of using the bottle blowing machine, the key points are sight, ear, manual, and mind. That is, you should use your eyes to read books, newspapers, instructions, and pictures to learn more about relevant knowledge and understand the circuit diagram of the blow molding machine; use your ears to listen to the suggestions and experience of seniors and superiors; do more Practice, and go to battle in person when encountering difficulties; you must pay more attention to remember all kinds of difficulties, whether they have been solved or not, and record them all to form a professional and practical theoretical system.
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