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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-17
In this mid-summer August, Jin Yi Machinery ushered in the 'beginning color' ahead of schedule. As the first launch in August, we provided customers in Uzbekistan with a YCQ-2L-6 PET bottle blowing machine. Bottle machine! The departure process this time is very lively. The long distance and the need for railway transportation make the transportation requirements very high, but we are not afraid of challenges! Provide professional transportation conditions to satisfy customers and rest assured! In some places where the goods are not easy to notice, use thick steel wires to bind and fix them to prevent bumps and collisions during the journey. We strictly remember the principle of safe transportation, so that customers can guarantee the first place of the bottle blowing machine when receiving the goods. High quality, to provide customers with safe and effective high-quality products. With the last part, it was slowly transported into the container under the operation of the loader. After it was safely put down, our hanging hearts can finally be put down. Finally, we have reached the last step, and we can set off on the journey immediately and transport it to it. In front of the new owner. Jin Yi Machinery is willing to use the most sincere attitude to provide customers with the best service and provide the highest quality blow molding machine. This time it will be the first time in August! It symbolizes the prosperity of Jin Yi machinery business, we are willing to provide more customers with high-quality services and sway every enthusiasm!
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