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Blow molding machine market is growing

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-14
After years of development, China's bottle blowing machine market is gradually growing, but it is dominated by the low-end market and the high-end market is less, which greatly affects the international market of my country's bottle blowing machine. brand influence. It is understood that there are hundreds of large and small bottle blowing machine manufacturers in my country. It can be said that the supply capacity of bottle blowing machines in the domestic market has always been strong. From high-end automatic blow molding machines to the simplest blow molding machines, buyers have a lot of choices. At the same time, some bottle blowing machine manufacturers have begun to gain scale after decades of development. However, the domestic blow molding machine market lacks well-known brands. Although the production technology of the blow molding machine is getting closer and closer to the international famous blow molding machine brand, it is difficult for us to find a relatively influential brand in the domestic market. Then, these domestic manufacturers already have scale and technical strength, what is the lack of what causes the brand to have little influence. It is recognized that the weak link of domestic blow molding machines is after-sales service, which lacks effective service system support. This is a big reason why many buyers choose internationally renowned corporate brands. At the same time, the brand and publicity of domestic blow molding machine companies are also very weak. These have hindered the establishment of domestic blow molding machine brands.
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