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Blow molding machine manufacturing: one-step blow molding saves time and money

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-09
The injection-stretch-blow molding machine provided by the Japan Research Institute (AOKI) takes its patented technology 'Direct Heatcon' as its core technology, and realizes the production of high-quality plastics directly from raw materials by one machine. the purpose of the container. Its models are suitable for PET, PES, PC, PA, PP, HIPS, PEN and other materials. Packaging production. The so-called 'direct temperature adjustment method' refers to the use of the heat retained during the molding of the preform to directly extend and blow molding, thereby saving the energy consumption required for reheating, shortening the cooling time of the preform, and realizing the small size of the cold water equipment. configuration. In addition, one-step bottle blowing has the following advantages: 1. Directly use raw materials to produce containers, which saves the cost of material management and preform transportation, and reduces the risk of damage or contamination of preforms during transportation. 2. Directly regulate the temperature distribution of the preform in the mold cavity, so that the preform has a very suitable temperature required for stretch blow molding, and the thickness is uniform. Generally speaking, reheating is easily affected by various factors (temperature and humidity, material state, etc.), and it is difficult to produce a uniform container. In order to prevent the occurrence of defective products, it is necessary to take a large safety margin - increase the thickness of the preform . This increases the weight of the container to a certain extent and wastes raw materials. AOKI's preform forming technology thickens the parts that need to be extended and thins the parts that don't need to be extended, so there is no need for safety margins and the product is lightweight. 3. The AOKI molding machine takes only 4 seconds from taking out the preform to extending-blow molding, and the rotating disc rotates 120 degrees. It saves many processes required by the two-step method, which helps to greatly reduce energy consumption. The AOKI series bottle blowing machine can also directly use the crushed-cleaned PET bottle recycling material for injection-stretching-blow molding, which does not need to use the traditional PET regranulation recycling system, thus eliminating the need for recrystallization. cost. And the quality of the product is also very high. The spokesman pointed out that in recent years, the rise of PET bottles is because it is lighter and safer than glass bottles, and does not have the unenvironmental and harmful characteristics of PVC bottles. In addition, its transparency allows consumers to clearly see the content. These advantages make PET bottles increasingly popular in many packaging applications. Its spokesman also pointed out that the international crude oil prices rose sharply, so that the price of PET materials also rose. Packaging container manufacturers are therefore keen to reduce the weight of products of various sizes. Following this trend, a container with a volume of 1.5 liters and a weight of 16 grams, a container with a volume of 1 liter and a weight of 14 grams, and a container with a volume of 750 ml and a weight of 11 grams have been developed. These containers have film-thin walls and are easily crushed. Therefore, it is very environmentally friendly in terms of material saving and waste disposal. The institute launched a soft, ultra-light container with a lid called 'Ugly Duckling' at Beverage Asia 2005. It saves half of the PET raw material than ordinary containers, and can be kneaded by hand after being discarded, reducing the volume of garbage. In any respect, it is an economical and environmentally friendly product. The reason why it is called the 'ugly duckling' is because it is easily crushed, cannot stand after filling, and there are a series of difficult problems in molding, filling, and listing. But it was developed in response to market demand, and has a lot of added value that is different from traditional bottles. One of the advantages is that this model can produce containers with a large arc, which is convenient for transportation. The second is that its off-center bottle mouth and easy-to-pinch bottle make it easy to quickly pour even viscous liquids. Moreover, because air is not easily retained in the container, if the product is easily oxidized, it can be protected from deterioration during long-term use. In addition, the feel of its products is also very good, which can be described as soft and easy to handle. The company's spokesman also revealed that they attach great importance to the Chinese market and hope to serve more Chinese customers and bring good profits as China joins the WTO.
It is beyond doubt that benefits blowing machine maker. Market sentiments are strong, especially in the light of growing pet bottle making machine manufacturers observed globally.
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