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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-11
At present, the market share of multi-function blow molding machines is getting higher and higher, but at the same time, the failure rate of blow molding machines has also increased. I often ask customers about bottle blow molding machines during the blowing process. For this reason, please come to the blow molding machine master who has many years of experience and maintenance to share with you the various reasons and solutions for the bottle burst when the multi-functional blow molding machine blows. The preform is heated too high and the preform turns white. Solution: The setting parameters of each blow molding machine manufacturer are different. You need to consult the purchaser to set the heating temperature of each lamp and adjust it to a suitable temperature. Generally, the whitening of the preform is mainly due to heating. If it is too high, reduce the temperature of each lamp appropriately. The blow molding machine is not set to pre-blowing or the pre-blowing time is too short. Solution: The blow molding machine adjusts the pre-blowing parameters during the setting process, and adjusts the blow molding machine pre-blowing time according to the manufacturer's technical parameters. Solution for high pressure of the bottle blowing machine: If the high pressure is set too high, it is most likely to cause the bottle to burst during the blowing process. After the stretch rod stretches the bottle, the high pressure blows the bottle quickly, and the excessive pressure directly causes the bottle to burst. . The mold is not in place during the mold clamping process. Solution: Most of the bottle bursts occurred during the mold clamping process because the bottle was clamped due to the wrong clamping position. This problem is mostly caused by the manufacturer’s installation of the mold not adjusting it in place, and it needs to be re-installed. Install the clamping mold correctly. Blow molding machine cylinder failure If all the bottles in each cavity are burst bottles, and one cavity bursts out, most of the reason is that the blowing machine cylinder is broken, and a new cylinder needs to be updated.
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