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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-11
The bottle blowing machine is mainly used to blow the bottle preforms. Many users feedback that the bottom of the bottle from the bottle blowing machine is not formed. There are many reasons for the bottom of the bottle. I will share with you the unformed bottom of the bottle. Causes and solutions. 1. Reasons for heating the bottom of the bottle At present, most automatic pet blow molding machines use infrared tube heating. The heating box is divided into multiple independent areas, and the temperature is controlled separately. If the bottom heating temperature is not enough or the heating is too low, it will cause blowing. The bottom of the bottle is not shaped. Solution: Adjust to the appropriate heating temperature at the bottom of the bottle. For detailed temperature adjustment, please consult the after-sales service of the pet blow molding machine manufacturer. 2. Stretching reasons The stretch rod is eccentric or the stretch rod is too short, causing the bottom of the bottle to deform or too little force, which can cause the bottom of the bottle to not form. Solution: Adjust the position and length of the stretch rod. 3. Blowing is due to insufficient high-pressure blowing. Adjust the blowing pressure. 4. The bottom mold is due to the gap between the bottom mold and the preform mold, air leakage or the height of the bottom mold Incorrect adjustment of the position can cause the bottom of the bottle to be unformed. Summary: The above is the solution to the unformed bottom of the bottle blown by the bottle blowing machine. For new users, the performance of the bottle blowing machine is not well understood. It is recommended to consult the bottle blowing machine equipment manufacturer before the operation. Master, or online consulting after-sales technical support for you to answer online.
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