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Blow molding machine is lucrative and low investment in personal entrepreneurship?

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-07
According to the material of the plastic, the blow molding machine is divided into pet plastic blow molding machine and pe blow molding machine, pp blow molding machine, high barrier blow molding machine, etc. At present, the common blow molding machines on the market are pet blow molding machine and pe blow molding machine. machine. PET bottle blowing machine is mainly for plastic bottles such as beverage bottles and mineral water bottles, while pe bottle blowing machine is mainly for laundry detergent bottles, ocean balls, pesticide bottles, etc. In the current climax of entrepreneurship, many people choose mechanical blow molding machines as their venture capital projects. Many customers think that blow molding machines are profitable and suitable for personal entrepreneurship. Is this really the case?  1. Input cost of the bottle blowing machine   Any entrepreneurship has a cost input. The era of the empty glove white wolf no longer exists. How much does the input cost of the bottle blowing machine cost?  A. Equipment parts processing   If high-quality blow molding machines generally require high-precision processing equipment, the investment is generally about 300,000-800,000, and the imported one is about 1 million. b. Personnel investment blow molding machine is a large-scale mechanical equipment that requires multiple people to work together to complete it. Designers, debuggers, after-sales service personnel, etc. need to match about 200,000 to 300,000. 2. How big is the profit of blow molding machine? The general price of bottle blowing machines is around 100,000 to 500,000, and the price of different production blow molding machines is different. For small entrepreneurs, the blow molding machine can produce small one-out two equipment, and the market price is 100,000 What about the profit? The profit of a piece of equipment is amortized at a gross profit of about 20,000 yuan.   From this point of view, the profit of the bottle blowing machine is not particularly high, and it is not a good project as an investment. It is recommended that individual entrepreneurs also need to be cautious, investment is risky, and entering the market must be cautious.
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