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Blow molding machine enterprises should develop in the direction of the group

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-23
At present, most of China's bottle blowing machine enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises with insufficient technical strength and lack of self-development ability. It is difficult to achieve technology-intensive production scale and meet the changing market demand. There are few large-scale bottle blowing machine enterprises in the domestic manufacturing industry, the degree of competition is much smaller than that of small bottle blowing machines, and the benefit space is larger. Relevant enterprises should seize the opportunity to promote the development of the industry to the group. Reflecting the development strength of plastic bottles in my country, it is inseparable from the strength of the research and development of the blow molding machine and the strength of the manufacturing equipment. Through years of development, technology and learning in the domestic blow molding machine industry, we have caught up with the internationally renowned blow molding machine manufacturers and gradually gained our own advantages in the form of blow molding equipment. In fact, blowing its own advantages in the form of secrecy cannot do without the production technology of blowing machine-related parts. For example: the progress of the localization technology of air compressors, air compressors and other parts and related equipment can only promote the progress of the blow molding machine industry by forming and progressing on the leading edge of the complete localization technology of these parts. With the development of the domestic market of plastic bottles, plastic blow molding machines have also developed rapidly. It is widely used in the beverage and pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, and is attracting more and more manufacturers to choose blow molding machines to replace previous bottle-making tools. Among the many products, the multi-layer co-extrusion hollow blow molding machine is a very promising hollow blow molding machine. With the increasing proportion of multi-layer blow molding hollow products with high barrier properties in the field of hollow products, multi-layer blow molding products are not only developing rapidly in the food packaging industry, but also in industrial packaging such as chemicals and cosmetics and medicine. increase. Therefore, the development of the blowing device comes from its excellent characteristics, and it will surely reach its peak in the next few years. However, with the wide range of demanding applications also increasing, at present, there are two urgent needs for the blow molding equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. First, due to the rising prices of plastic raw materials, companies are constantly thinking about how to reduce packaging costs and maximize profits. Therefore, it is necessary to use advanced bottle blowing production equipment for lighter weight bottles; the second is that due to the rapid changes in the market, manufacturers must respond flexibly to the shorter and shorter life cycle of drugs. There was a big problem with these two suppliers of bottle blowing equipment in urgent need. Therefore, in the future development process, blow molding machine enterprises must face these problems if they want to achieve long-term development. The industry must give full play to its own advantages and seize the market. Then we strengthen technological innovation and establish a good brand image to stabilize market.
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