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Become a plastic bottle blowing machine industry development momentum

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-24
Bottle blowing machine has become a new home appliance plastic industry development is the traditional field of bottle blowing machine. Our country has become the world's home appliance manufacturing center, color TV, air conditioning, small appliances and other tribes of consumption and exports will keep growth; In the future with the development of the national 3 c certification, will progress to the safety of electrical appliances product requirement, the demand for bottle blowing machine will increase; Follow the progress of people consumption level, color TV sets to the tablet, high-end development, all needs to use flame retardant resin in high-end color TV. So home appliance with bottle blowing machine demand growth is considerable. Car is an emerging field of bottle blowing machine. China's automobile consumption potential is tremendous, the next few annual output will be 10% 15% growth, and a possible explosion; Followed the firms' profits pressure increases, the car are replaced with plastic localization process will speed up, entrance to replace large space; Plastic will of automobile weight proportion also unceasingly to progress. Ding automotive bottle blowing machine demand growth around 20%. Bottle blowing machine widely used in automobiles, home appliances, agricultural, construction, electrical and electronic, light industry and military industry and other industries. China is to become the world's biggest latent market and bottle blowing machine main demand growth momentum. 5 - is expected in the future 10 years, in the downstream car industry, construction, household appliances industry rapid growth, driven by market demand of collecting bottle blowing machine will remain more than 10% of the annual growth rate. In recent years following tribes of automotive, electrical, electronic, communication and the vigorous development of machinery industry, the demand of the modified engineering plastics will rise sharply, all kinds of high strength heat resistant type engineering plastic will be widely used. As PPS ( PPS) , polyimide ( PIM) , polyether ether ketone ( PEEK) , polysulfone ( PSF) And liquid crystal polymer ( 连结控制协定) Engineering plastics such as function, because has the motor can well, resistant to high docile size not disorderly features, some still have good flame retardancy, radiation resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical function, so that in the electronic appliances, instruments and meters, household appliances, automotive, aviation, petrochemical industry, coating industry and the rockets, aerospace and other cutting-edge technology applications are more meters more important. Despite increasing engineering plastic product, continuously expand the application field, and for expanding production device, capital gradually decreased, but in modified equipment, modification technology development mature today, gm thermoplastic resin by modification with engineering characteristics, and has been the application of the traditional engineering plastics market, plastic industry continues to develop new power.
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