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Automatic bottle blowing machine working principle of the process and characteristics

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-05-19
Automatic bottle blowing machine working principle of the automatic bottle blowing machine is a kind of the two steps blow type automatic molding machine, from a 2 to 184 cavity, bigger can be blown 20 l, is suitable for blowing crystalline forms such as PET, PP plastic as raw materials of any shape of carbonated beverage bottle, mineral water bottles, cosmetics bottles, large diameter and high temperature resistant bottles and edible oil, automobile antifreeze, bubble water bottles, PET jars, cans, bottles and other packaging container, etc. Main structure and principle of the automatic bottle blowing machine feeding parts: automatic bin, through the conveyor belt to billet device, in order to enter for a device to grasp clamp parts: automatic rotary manipulator, through the flip will preform hold up to the bottle preform chain transmission parts: rotary transmission chain, to carry out the entire device heating device: there are two relatively independent far-infrared tube oven, constant temperature heating control, bottle preform autobiography heated evenly. Orientation of clamping device: the rack and balance, after the former three templates, hyperbolic arm connecting rod machine; By stretching the electromagnetic valve, high pressure valve, sealing cylinder, sealing bottle blowing device: bottle preform into mould clamping, blowing blowing through, tensile and high pressure, after into a bottle. Second, automatic bottle blowing machine features: 1, automation, without human intervention, structured 2 module design, maintenance, simple operation 3, the equipment fault early warning, automation, when a process fails, the program will automatically switch to the security state 4, each action is driven by cylinder, do not use the oil pump, has no pollution, low noise advantages 5, action and blowing gas path design divided into three parts, in order to satisfy the demands of bottle blowing, action of different pressure 6, using infrared light tube heating, strong penetrating power, bottle preform rotation is heated, orbit, uniform heating, rapid and reliable automatic bottle blowing machine safety protection: 1. Main motor reducer adopts the torque limit institutions, in order to prevent the failure damage the machine. 3. Hang bottle conveying duct is adopted to avoid the bottle overturned when delivery. 4. A card bottle detector, automatic stop and alarm when bottle. 5. Has no bottle detector, used to hoist signal work, the elevator will automatically added bottles. Conclusion: the above is the automatic bottle blowing machine working principle and characteristics of the equipment. At the same time automatic bottle blowing machine constantly towards & other; Safety, health, environmental protection & throughout; The direction of development, the market competition unceasing elimination some technical backward production factory, the automatic bottle blowing vendors would only by constantly improve themselves, improve after-sales service, to develop more lucrative product, satisfy more customers.
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