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Automatic bottle blowing machine what are the characteristics

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-11
There are many kinds of bottle blowing machines, but in the process of we use must pay attention to choose the suitable model for production, then we have to understand the characteristics of it. The characteristics of the automatic bottle blowing machine: 1, the heating area is equipped with independent section temperature control; Heating zone of the tube, the position of the reflector, and distance can be adjusted according to the different shape, size of bottle embryo, in order to achieve the ideal heating effect. 2, using constant pressure temperature control infrared heating tubes for bottle embryo, ensure that appropriate, accurate and stability of bottle embryo heat, is not affected by input voltage changes. 3, the automatic bottle blowing machine according to different products need to form a complete set of double cavity double stretching cylinder, three cavity cavity four tensile cylinder stretching cylinder, four or six six tensile cylinder cavity design, function can adjust alone with single cavity tensile cylinder to adapt to the adjustable machine or test, such as different need. 4, the control system is equipped with automatic reported barrier function; When operating error or malfunction, the computer will display and alarm. 5, mould replacement fast and convenient, in the corresponding model of the machine is surrounded do not need to adjust the thickness of the molar. 6, the automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for blowing 30 ml & ndash; 5 liters of cold and hot filling bottles and other plastic containers. 7, all production process automation, can form a complete set of the combined machine at the same time to the full automatic production line, the whole production process does not need to hand touching bottle embryo or finished products.
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