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Automatic bottle blowing machine to blow the bottle FAQ fault solution

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-05-28
Automatic bottle blowing machine blown out of shape at the bottom of the bottle does not full reasons: 1, 2, bottle blowing bottle blowing pressure is not enough when the bottle preform temperature slightly low solution: 1, check the mold side high pressure filter are unobstructed, lest affect high pressure gas supply 2 working condition, check valve, blowing blowing 1 and 2 in order to ensure the positioning precision blowing blowing 1 and 2 3, check the air flow control components, to ensure that the correct value, and internal flow 4, ensure all the vent on mould without blocking 2, bending the neck reasons: 1, the mechanical operation, the neck area after thick cause clamping deformation solution: 1, optimize the structure of mould clamping 2, convex ring in roof of concave mould clamping too loose or too tight, the size of the bottle preform that must be fixed when it is hot. 3, bottle, bottle blowing gas expansion reason: 1, 2, oven high temperature air flow around the bottom of the cooling effect solution: 1, adjust the position of the cooling class to allow for the bottle preform thread to be better protected. 2, 4, the bottom line and to optimize the design of the cooling plate structure blue reasons: 1, 2, stretching rod high pressure blowing lack solution: 1, 2 sets the blowing time and speed, check whether the tensile bar is blocked, at the bottom of the damaged reasons: 1, tiny bottle at the bottom of the slab temperature at the end of 2, stretching rod position high solution: 1, 2, adjust the bottle at the bottom of the billet heating temperature by adjusting the position of the reasonable setting stretching rod 6, bottle thread damaged reasons: threaded area suffered undue stretching, high temperature around the bottle preform threads area high temperature solution: 1, to ensure that the transmission arm adjustment accurate 2, mold precision positioning and at the same time reduce the thread area heating temperature, optimizing the structure design of seven, drawdown reason: too much pet containers after filling, solution to drop, bottle blowing temperature is exorbitant, form the pearl phenomenon solution: adjust the temperature of the heating furnace, heating to avoid boot or cold boot. 8, the blowout reasons: 1, high temperature caused by blowing bottle 2 is too thin, too short time solution: 1, 2, regulate the temperature of a bottle blowing longer delay time, moulding line flat reasons: in the process of bottle blowing gas in not delay vent ruled out in time, a bottle of thin layer material blocked vent solution: 1, the right to adjust the mould clearance 2, high-pressure air valve control air 3, improve the design structure, crease at the bottom of the reason: external crease 1 bottle blowing pressure is insufficient, low tensile bar too much into the material; Internal overheating or crease just ordinary bottle preform tip to tensile stress initially delay solution: 1, to ensure that the bottle blowing on the mould time consistent 2, 3 bottle preform end do not overheat, ensure that has entered the time delay before stretching to blow 1 don't be too long. 11, thermal bottle reasons: bottle overheating, causing the bottle preform crystal inside or outside again, cause detonation bottle solution: 1, 2, to reduce the cooling plate drawing time is too long the location of the 12, uneven section g ( The neck is overweight) Reason: 1, stretching rod stretching the cold gradually, the top material is very thin, cooling speed up the solution: 1, adjust the hot spot location, make its solution bottle preform subject 2, adjust the position of cooling plate 14, eccentric at the bottom of the reasons: 1, transmission parts and looking for problem 2, the back door with different heart bottle solution: 1, adjust the bottle preform mould delivery, and find is 2, stretching rod pressure low set 3, 1 bottle blowing too early to 4, stretching rod cushion setting is not appropriate. 15, - Foot hair reason: root is cold bottle. Stretching more than the limit a direct result of the natural stretch, is actually a bottle of onlookers structure is torn, stretch forming point by the reflective into visual pearl tear. Solution: 1, 2, to ensure that the bottle is located in the center, reduce the speed of the bottle blowing machine 3, blowing air intake later, 1 tensile bar in contact with the bottle preform for too long. 16, clearance at the bottom of the super bad reason: more than natural tensile limit solution: 1, 2, to the bottom of the bottle to strengthen heat to the whole bottle of billet heating and cooling, different temperature went up from the side around 3 3, maintain the normal cycle of mold cooling water
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