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Automatic bottle blowing machine description and characteristics

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-16
Technical features: automatic bottle blowing machine PLC to join the man-machine interface, touch operation, fault self-diagnosis for repairing service, be clear at a glance. Store is expected to try to die head, flow channel is made of high quality alloy steel, nitride surface mirror, refueling color change quickly. The mould adopts linear guide, the opening and closing more even, more beautiful products joint line. Hydraulic system on the principle of energy saving of hydraulic design, significantly reduce energy consumption, energy saving 20% compared with conventional models 40%. Significantly reduce the oil temperature at the same time, prolong the service life of hydraulic parts. Technical requirements for different products equipped with a variety of functions: the blow lift, coating, supporting materials, spinning, submodule, mechanical arm, wall thickness control, etc. Specification: specification PEPA unit parameters using raw materials. ABS products volume L220 largest production capacity of Pc/M6 hr280 model dimension. 0× Automatic bottle blowing machine 3. 0× 4. Unit 9 machines quality ton30 system combining a model: specification parameters of clamping force KN900 mm700 - template spacing 1600 mm1350 template size & times; 1600 largest mold size mm1100 & times; Mm700-1600 mold thickness Motivation: 1600 specifications unit parameters total power of the maximum driving power KW90 KW112 screw KW0 fan power. 18× Air pressure is 5 Mpa0. 8 air displacement M3 / min1. 8 the average energy consumption KW60 oil pump motor power KW30 extrusion system: screw diameter specifications unit parameters mm120 screw length to diameter ratio L/D25 plasticizing capacity Kg/hr320 screw heating section number Zone6 screw heating power KW36 extrusion machine power automatic bottle blowing machine KW90 die: specification unit parameters die heating KW6 section number die heating power KW30 extrusion die diameter mm580 basic configuration: the loading cylinder volume L25 basic configuration: automatic bottle blowing machine specification system fixed institutions extrusion system combining a model combining a model hardened tooth surface reducer + inverter die system special steel center feed extrusion die head imported hydraulic valve, hydraulic system seals + electro-hydraulic proportional control imported PLC + = PLC man-machine interface control system of automatic temperature control module
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