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by:Yosion Machinery     2020-05-19
The bottle blowing process of bottle blowing machine is divided into two parts, preheat the bottle preform (1 Embryo) Through the process of infrared heat lamp irradiation, the bottle preform ( Embryo) Bad ( Embryo) Body soften some heat, in order to keep the bottle shape, bottle preform ( Embryo) Mouth is don't need to be heated, so you need a cooling device for the end of controlled cooling. 2, bottle blowing molding the stage is already preheated bottle preform ( Embryo) Refuse to donate to the blow mold is ready, to which end of high pressure air. Put the bottle preform ( Embryo) Blown into a bottle as needed. Automatic bottle blowing machine through the process of the manipulator holding the bottle blowing two holding together complete, from the middle of artificial will be preheated bottle preform in the blow mold process. The rate at which greatly speed up the delivery. Bottle blowing machine molding process flow diagram 2, bottle blowing machine bottle blowing machine is a two-way stretch blow molding process, in this process, the PET chain is two-way stretch and arrangement, orientation, thus increasing the bottle wall mechanical performance, can improve the tensile, tensile, impact strength, and has good air tightness. While stretching helps to improve the strength, but not excessively stretching, to control good stretch blow ratio: radial not more than 3. Five to four. 2, the axial not more than 2. 8 ~ 3. 1. The bottle preform thickness not more than 4. 5mm。 Bottle blowing is between the glass transition temperature and crystallization temperature, the end of the same ordinary control between 90 ~ 120 degrees. PET show is within the range of the high elastic state, blow molding, cooling rapidly become transparent bottle after setting. In step method, the temperature is determined by the cooling time length in molding process ( Such as aoki bottle blowing machine) To is a good note to join & ndash; Two location of coherence. Tensile & ndash; blow molding process are: A blow & ndash; Second blow, three move time is very short, but must be good together, especially in the first two step determines the distribution of all of the material, the quality of bottle blowing. So to recuperate good: stretching starting opportunities, stretching rate, start and end blowing opportunity, air pressure, blowing air flow, etc, if possible, a Canon control mold temperature distribution of the preform, both inside and outside wall temperature gradient. In the process of fast blow molding, cooling, bottle wall with seduce stress is generated. For filling bottles, it can be resistance to internal pressure, have interest, but for hot filling bottles will guarantee above the glass transition temperature make it released in full.
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