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by:Yosion Machinery     2020-06-09
Still can use crush - bottle blowing machine After cleaning the PET bottle recycling materials - directly by injection Extension - Blow molding, do not need to use traditional PET granulation recycling system, thus saves the cost of recrystallization. And the quality of the products is also very high. In recent years, the rise of PET bottle because it is lighter than glass quality and safety, and no PVC bottles not environmental protection and harmful characteristics. In addition, its transparency can lead consumers to see the content. These advantages make PET bottle in many packaging applications are more and more be favorred. International crude oil prices rose sharply, making PET materials prices also rose. Packaging container manufacturers so keen to reduce the weight of various specifications of the products. Conform to this trend, has developed a volume of 1. 5 liters, 16 grams of containers, container volume to 1 litre weighs 14 grams, and the volume of 750 ml, weighs 11 grams of container. The container wall thin film, and it's easy to crush. So no matter from saving money on materials or waste into consideration, it is very green. In 2005 Asian beverage fair launched a called & other; 丑小鸭” ( “ The little ugly duck & throughout; ) With cover of soft, lightweight containers. It than normal container to save half of the PET raw materials, and scrap can knead dough by hand, reduce waste volume. No matter from which perspective, it is economic and environmentally friendly products. It is called the ugly duckling, because it is easy to crush, can not stand, after filling in molding, filling, listed, as well as a series of difficult problems. But it is should be developed, market demand and has a lot of additional value is different from traditional bottle. Benefit is one of the models can produce radian larger container, convenient to carry. The second is its not in the center position of the bottle very convenient and easy to squeeze the bottle quickly dump even sticky liquid. Moreover, because the air is not easy to remain inside the container, so if within easy oxidation products, insurable in long time use process didn't spoil. In addition, its products feel is also very good, is soft with hand. A spokesman for the company also disclosed that they attaches great importance to the Chinese market, hope that with China's entry into the wto bring more Chinese customer service and for the good profit. Search keywords: bottle blowing machine
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