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Automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-06-02
Bottle blowing machine mainly according to the bottle blowing plastic materials is different, can be divided into pet bottle blowing machine and other material of plastic bottle blowing machine, bottle blowing machine domestic no unified specification, technical level is uneven, the user to buy bottle blowing machine, what should you pay attention to? 1, the output should be paid attention to when to buy the bottle blowing machine's actual production of bottle blowing machine. Inside the bottle blowing machine industry bottle blowing machine production into the production theory and the actual production products, many manufacturers about theory of production, output amounted to less than real production use. In addition to pay attention to the stable production of bottle blowing machine, individual manufacturer at the time of commissioning high open, after a month of bottle blowing machine equipment cannot afford high load, failure rate increased. A four stable 4500 on my side, is the actual production, a year two years a stable production, some manufacturer said the theory production, we can produce machines to 5500, but we are not so high. Look at this you can go to customer site, literally to inquire about the Yosion Machinery production how to bottle blowing machine. 2, stability, the stability of bottle blowing machine is a key element to choose the bottle blowing machine. Bottle blowing machine's stability directly affect the enterprise's production and profits, Yosion Machinery bottle blowing machine core parts are imported, and other parts of his processing, we are all equipment precision CNC machine, punch a hole of each device without manual punch, selection of steel plate are quality assured, in this way can we guarantee the stability of the us. 3 bottle blowing machine, bottle blowing process itself industry there is no unified specification, design organization, but the core technology or difference is bigger. Bottle blowing process and bottle blowing machine design agencies, technical ability, bottle blowing machine process precision and so on. For example, most of the 18 g bottle blowing machine bottle preform is no problem, when blowing 13 grams of the preform, can appear detonation bottle bottle blowing problems, such as the Yosion Machinery can be blown 12 bottle blowing machine. 5 g bottle preform, waterworks adopts 12 at present in jiangsu province. 5 g bottle preform to reduce production costs. 4, after-sales service after-sales service is also in choosing a bottle blowing vendors would should be important factors, the general principle nearby, but still need to give priority to the above three principles, or equipment can't stable production, good after-sales service in the also not line, but the bottle blowing machine industry a pain points and after-sale service, parts manufacturers promised after-sales service, but lagging after-sale service delays. Yosion Machinery bottle blowing machines, perfect after-sales service, at the same time in a bottle blowing machine design was in advance will be canceled or to think ahead instead of wearing parts, reduce the bottle blowing machine failure point. 5, energy consumption and after-sales maintenance cost enterprise production cost directly decide the enterprise's profit and sustainable development. When purchasing a bottle blowing machine, also need to consider the energy consumption of the bottle blowing machine has after-sales maintenance costs, bottle blowing machine after the warranty period of domestic some manufacturer parts high maintenance cost, increased the cost of production, individual manufacturer 3 - bottle blowing machine equipment maintenance cost 50000 yuan/year, and Yosion Machinery bottle blowing machine maintenance costs to thousands of yuan a year, cost gap is too big. Conclusion: the above is the attention of the user at the time of purchase the bottle blowing machine, the user when consider to choose to buy the bottle blowing machine not only pay attention to the price of bottle blowing machines, production of bottle blowing machines, stability, bottle blowing technology, after-sales service, maintenance costs and choosing a bottle blowing vendors would pay attention to the factor.
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