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Automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-06-09
The knowledge about the bottle embryo bottle blowing machine have? Bottle preform and bottle blowing machine called the parison, is PET pellet injection molding, it requires no more than 10% recycled material, recycling number cannot be more than twice. Injection molding mold or heating of the reoccupy after mold must be cooled more than 48 h, and use the bottle preform storage time can't more than 6 months, different production date, especially long interval bottle preform cannot mix, the main reason is that bottle preform materials model, with the proportion of secondary material and residual stress caused by different bottle preform, and these factors on the bottle blowing molding process has significant influence, should according to actual circumstances, specific treatment. Because the PET has strong water imbibition, so must pay special attention to moistureproof, when stored and before machining to make effective dehumidification drying, dry conditions usually in 150 ~ 180 ℃ for 4 hours, and to prevent plastic hygroscopic again, must be above 140 ℃ temperature insulation, when stop to prevent plastic yellow, desiccant dryer temperature to 100 ℃, no moisture insulation only. In addition, if the PET injection molding material temperature is too high, rotating speed of screw shear force is too large or too fast when are easy to produce acetaldehyde and lead to acidification, usually after molding of PET bottle acetaldehyde content must be less than 3 PPM, bottle embryo before crystallization needs certain moisture content, general requirements at about 1000 parts per million, require at least more than 900 PPM, so the bottle embryo in injection need to place a period of time, such as moisture content can reach the requirements before crystallization.
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