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Automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-06-07
The whole process of bottle blowing machine operator asked fault, don't ask, or just ask, so often can not get the correct site information can cause errors in judgment, complicate the problem, therefore, to ask more, ask about it, to understand the whole process of bottle blowing machine failure occurs, Beginning, middle, end) , produced what alarm, when operating any element, what touched, to mend what, external environment condition? In full investigation field, on the basis of first-hand materials, the problem of fault correctly listed, in fact has solved the problem of half, and then analysis the solution, for experienced skilled bottle blowing machine operators, they are familiar with the bottle blowing machine operation, familiar with process, bottle blowing machine for common diseases is very understand, closely cooperate with them, so it is very beneficial for quickly troubleshooting. To ask other maintenance personnel when other maintenance personnel in the maintenance of bottle blowing machine, and you did not go, after they come back, should also ask, what just happened? What's wrong with it He is how to eliminate? He introduced the elimination method, please. It is also a good opportunity to learn. Troubleshooting skills and learn from other people the correct way, learn from the experienced maintenance personnel, in particular, their ability to learn, to improve their knowledge and level. The main production automatic bottle blowing machine
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