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Automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-06-06
The stand or fall of bottle blowing machine circuit board is very important, once the damage of circuit board and no spare parts, repair and bad, will stop, the serious influence production. Sometimes tend to circuit board is only a very small fault, as long as the careful check, it is not difficult to found the problem, we have repeatedly found that individual false welding capacitor leakage, plate, such as short circuit fault, some circuit board fault is more complex, but as long as time, by using the instrument examination, or to fix; But there are part of the circuit board in severe cases, especially the large scale integrated circuit, maintenance difficulties, combined with the original device has no spare parts, can only buy for board or send out early. Diy boards, there is a big advantage, on the one hand can save costs for the enterprise, finance, on the other hand can & other; Dissecting sparrow & throughout; Familiar with electronic circuit, cultivating their own analysis of the judgment and beginning ability is very useful. Through the years of bottle blowing machine maintenance practice, we also feel imported bottle blowing machine, especially the large bottle blowing machine is not perfect, there are also many problems and defects. Through our learning, deepen of bottle blowing machine, find out the problem, boldly to improve, some questions have achieved good effect. Despite the bottle blowing machine fault complex, go, as long as we seriously, cultivate high-quality mechanical and electrical integration of maintenance team, through look more, ask more, think more, more practice, accumulate experience, maintenance skills and achieve mastery through a comprehensive study, we will be able to rely mainly on their own strength, the good bottle blowing machine, with good, the mind. The company mainly produces automatic bottle blowing machine
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