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Automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-06-03
Bottle blowing machine is how to make plastic bottles? Because most plastic bottles are plastic plastic, so the method will be explained below to plasticity plastic manufacturing process. Mainly from the PET bottle and polypropylene plastic bottles. The production of PET bottles mainly adopts injection stretch blow molding process. Stretch blow molding process is divided into step machining method and the two-step method. Step processing method is to point to in the process of stretch blow molding process preparation of three main parison, stretching and blowing process is continuous, in order to complete a machine called a step processing method, also called thermal parison method. Parison is semi-finished products in the production process. Methods: composition of the device (1) is composed of extruder and blow molding machine (2) is composed of injection machine and blow molding machine. Two step two-step processing method refers to the production process. The first step in the preparation of parison, parison after cooling is called a processing semi-finished products, specialized production characteristics. The second step will provide another cold parison enterprise or another reheat, stretching and blow molding workshop, also known as the cold parison method. The output of the two-step processing method, process condition control is incomparable step processing method, suitable for large batch production, but more energy consumption. Main products: bottle blowing machine
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