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Automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-05-29
Automatic bottle blowing machine bottle of billet heating temperature generally set is 85 - 120 ℃, colorless bottle preform, belt color bottle preform is lower. Temperature setting too high or too low will cause product defects, such as broken, white fog, etc. Regions of temperature can be adjusted according to the forming conditions of the products detailed, at the same time to consider oven lamp open situation. In addition, oven output power setting is has a great influence on a bottle of billet heating, it controls the whole oven heat output. When long-term don't boot, boot up again, the initial output power should be set corresponding higher, the normal production process and reduces gradually to normal state, the output power is usually about 80% advisable, especially when the environment temperature below 5 ℃, the effect is more significant. Bottle blowing production technology and production environment temperature also has a certain relationship, general environment temperature to room temperature ( 22 ℃ or so) It is advisable. If temperature is too high, the products solidifying point is seen agglomeration; Temperature is too low, the machine starts up product performance is not stable, specific operation according to the actual situation and experience to regulate. 3 the role of preliminary forecast wind in blowing process is to make the bottle preform begun to take shape, at the same time by stretching rod longitudinal stretching increase the longitudinal strength. The whole process is pre blow CAM in the process of bottle blowing pushing three-way valve to blow position, and the one-way valve to cooperate to complete. Preliminary blowing position, pressure, and flow can affect the quality of the bottle. Preliminary blowing location in advance, will appear at the bottom of the bottle center deflection, thinning, the foot wall thickness unevenness and pale, weight light, stiff neck, even at the bottom of the penetration defect; Blow after the fault location, will appear under the light on the defects such as weight, center of thickening, sag. Gas flow blowing air flow is controlled by a one-way valve, usually 3 - open It is advisable to four laps. The center of the bottom of the gas flow is big, heavy, thin, slant, foot white, wall thickness unevenness; Center of gas flow is small, thick, piecewise excess weight. Pressure blowing pressure at 0. 8 - It is advisable to 1 mpa. Under high pressure, may cause the heavy light, center deflection, the foot wall thickness unevenness, white, etc. ; At the bottom of the pressure is low, not fully stretched, heavy, center of thick. Bottle foot, center of the molding condition has great influence on the quality of the bottle, improper adjustment is often caused by blasting bottle ( Under the condition of normal experiment) And the fatal defects such as leakage. 4 stretching rod stretching rod is in advance at the same time in conjunction with the pre blow the bottle preform stretching after heating device, reset before it after high-pressure blow and exhaust. Stretching rod must be smooth vertical movement up and down in the bottle blowing process, and driving pressure of 0. 55 - 0. The clearance between the bottom die and 8 mpa, to 2. 3 - 2. 5 mm, which is a third - bottle preform thickness 1/2. Clearance is too large, can cause bottle center migration; Gap is too small, thinning of the center. 5 the role of high-pressure blow high pressure is to make molten material at full stretch, close to the mould wall, make the bottle full forming, at the same time to carry on the transverse tensile, improve the transverse strength. Its position and pressure were the major influencing factors. High pressure air pressure is commonly 3. 7 - 4 mpa, which is by the molding characteristics and filling beverage ( Carbon dioxide) The nature of the decision. Its location, there are two, that is, the location and the location of the exhaust of high pressure gas, between the time for the molding of the holding time, the length of this period of time has a great influence on the stability of the bottle capacity. High pressure air, easy to make the bottle shape and the shortage of foot to blow. 6 mold mold is one of the important factors that affect blow bottle make type. Bottle for hough mould, bottle independence, is typical of the blow molding mold. The process of production, to keep clear of mold temperature, cleanliness, vent. Mould heating, cooling system failure, there will be a bottleneck, tilt the bottle, volume, height changes, at the bottom of the heavier defects such as; Maintain the mold temperature also can prevent mould surface condensation. After PET molding shrinkage ratio is larger, general is 1. 8%, adding glass fiber enhanced slightly lower, but still amounted to 0. 2% - 1. 0%. Normally anti-embrittlement temperature shrinkage rate, low mold temperature shrinkage of small, in order to maintain the stability of the PET bottle volume, die temperature must be strictly controlled. General requirements bottle temperature a little higher, for 20 - 45 ℃, at the bottom of the request is low, is 6 - 15℃。 At the bottom of the high temperature will make the bottom heavy and center of thickening. In the actual production and the nozzle will affect PET bottle shape.
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