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Automatic blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-16
The fully automatic blow molding machine is suitable for producing various shapes of plastic containers and bottles. Widely used in the production of carbonated bottles, mineral water bottles, oil bottles, cosmetic bottles. The fully automatic blow molding machine of Feige Machinery is a new generation of linear blow molding machines. Its features of high speed, low power and low compressed air consumption are: excellent structural design, small footprint, low noise, high stability, and conforms to national standards. Standard, beverage hygiene standard; reasonable design; automatic control, power saving and labor saving; feeding system is automatically conveyed by manipulator; infrared oven heater adopts quartz lamp to heat PET tube; automatic process, low investment, high efficiency and fast operation , safe and easy to maintain. This machine is a sought-after equipment at home and abroad. It is an ideal bottle-making equipment for large and medium-sized enterprises. Advantages of Flying Pigeon Automatic Blow Molding Machine 1. Servo drive and cam linkage blowing section: The unique cam linkage system integrates mold opening, mold clamping and bottom mold lifting motion, and is equipped with a high-speed servo drive system, greatly Shortened blow molding cycles and increased productivity. 2. The heating system of the small tool Compared with the traditional heating furnace, the distance of the heater in the heating furnace is reduced to 38mm, which can save power consumption. Equipped with an air circulation system and redundant cooling system, it ensures a constant temperature in the heating zone. 3. Efficient and soft air intake system Through the rotation and soft preform inlet system, the feeding speed of the preform is ensured, while the residual air is achieved, the neck of the preform is well protected. 4. Modular design concept The whole blow molding machine adopts the modular design concept, which makes the later maintenance and replacement of spare parts convenient and saves costs. Modular functions: 1). Automatic ejection device for explosive bottles (broken bottle rejection) During the blow molding process, if the bottle is broken, it can automatically remove the bad bottle. This prevents bad bottles from entering the filling machine. 2). After the HP air recovery system blows the bottle, the high pressure air in the bottle and the pipeline can be recovered and used for the pre-blowing action and the action of the machine. 3). Furnace temperature and preform temperature detection system The detection system detects the temperature in the oven and the temperature of the workpiece. When the preform temperature does not reach the set blowing temperature, the blowing station will sound an alarm instead of continuing blowing. 5. Electric control system: Japan Mitsubishi PLC computer plus man-machine interface (Chinese or English) red paper, touch screen operation. All process settings, changes, searches, monitoring, fault diagnosis, etc. are implemented on the touch screen without touching the working principle, and the components are durable. 6. Speed u200bu200bcontrol system: frequency conversion speed control + alloy steel gear reducer, stable speed, low noise, durable.
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