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Automatic blow molding machine operation steps and matters needing attention

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-23
The rapid development of automatic bottle blowing machines has replaced semi-automatic bottle blowing machines and has become the standard of the current era of bottle blowing machines. The automatic blow molding machine is easy to operate and does not require manual intervention. However, there are still some precautions during the start-up process and use. What are the operating steps and precautions for the automatic blow molding machine? Based on years of experience in after-sales maintenance of blow molding machines, the editor will share the operation steps and precautions for use of automatic blow molding machines to help users make better use of automatic blow molding machines.  Operation steps of automatic bottle blowing machine:   1. Check whether the physical environment and the basic equipment environment meet the startup requirements. Whether everything is normal, including power supply, pipeline, high and low voltage display, etc., whether the operating environment meets the production adjustment 2. After the above is satisfied, turn on the power, add points for the automatic blow molding machine equipment in 2-3 seconds 3. Start the machine and check Whether the lamp tube in the controller is heating normally, if it is normal, the lamp tube is heated for 2-3 minutes, and the temperature of the lamp tube meets the production requirements. In addition, in winter, the ambient temperature is generally lower and the heating time is longer. In summer, the temperature is higher, and a little heating can be done. 4. Turn on the equipment and blow the bottle normally.   Precautions for the use of the automatic bottle blowing machine:    1. The bottle blowing machine has no preform loading. Check whether there is a preform in the preform hopper, if not, just add the preform. If there is, but the preform cannot be automatically loaded, check whether the feeding device is normal, and check the equipment alarm code, and consult the manufacturer to further solve the problem.  2. The bottle blast (explosion) from the bottle blowing, if the equipment is used normally before, it is generally caused by the high ambient temperature, and the working environment needs to be cooled.  3. Regularly maintain the automatic blow molding machine. After the general production peak season, it is necessary to perform a major maintenance on the full automatic blow molding machine. For detailed maintenance time and precautions such as wiping the mold clamping device, adding lubricating oil, and cleaning the mold, please refer to 'How often does the blow molding machine take care? !》  Recommended operation video of automatic blow molding machine
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