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Application of frequency converter in plastic blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-10
Due to the wide application of plastic products in industrial and agricultural production, plastic blow molding machines have become an important industry in the machinery industry. After applying the frequency conversion speed regulation technology, the plastic blow molding machine can save electric energy (about 20~60%), reduce the impact on the power grid, realize green electricity consumption, and improve product quality and output. There are many types of blowing machines, including plastic blowing machines, hollow blowing machines, automatic blowing machines, hydraulic blowing machines, large storage blowing machines, high-speed blowing machines, rotary blowing machines, etc. Among the above plastic blow molding machines, such as the four-roll calender, which requires high synchronization accuracy, the rest are very common production machines. The requirements for the dragging system are basically the same. 1. The smooth speed regulation within a certain range is mainly to facilitate the production of different varieties of products. 2. Stable starting and braking The plastic blow molding machine is generally a constant torque load. When starting at a low speed, there must be a certain torque to make the machine start smoothly. 3. Stable performance and reliable work In order to ensure the quality of plastic products, the work of the drag system must be very stable. The following is a brief introduction to the frequency conversion control system of the film blowing machine: the film blowing machine frequency conversion speed regulation drag system includes two parts: one is the frequency conversion speed controller of the extrusion main motor, and the other is the frequency conversion speed controller of the traction motor. The control of the motor is very simple, and the speed of the motor can be adjusted through the keyboard on the panel or an external given potentiometer. The function preset of the inverter is mainly in the following aspects: 1. The frequency can be given by using the keyboard or an external potentiometer. 2. Upper and lower limit frequencies The upper limit frequency should generally be slightly higher than the rated frequency, and the lower limit frequency is usually set to 3Hz. 3. The jog frequency can generally be preset to 8Hz. 4. As the plastic blow molding machine does not need to start and brake frequently, there is no strict requirement for the speed of acceleration and deceleration. The basic principle is not to exceed the rated current, but for the sealing and cutting machine, the preset should be as short as possible. 5. Torque compensation Because the plastic bottle blowing machine does not have high requirements on the hardness and dynamic response of mechanical characteristics, V/F control method can be used. 6. Preset of DC braking function General plastic blow molding machines do not need to preset DC braking function, but for sealing and cutting machines, in order to reduce the deceleration time, preset DC braking is suitable.
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