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Analysis of the current development trend of China’s bottle blowing machine companies, bottle blowing machines, companies

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-06
At present, most of my country's blow molding machine companies are small and medium-sized enterprises, lacking technical strength, lack of self-development ability, it is difficult to achieve technology-intensive mass production, and it is difficult to meet the ever-changing market demand. There are fewer domestic manufacturers of large-scale blow molding machines, and the degree of competition is much smaller than that of small-scale blow molding machines, so there is more room for profit. Relevant enterprises should seize the opportunity and promote the development of the industry toward a group. Reflecting the development strength of plastic bottles in our country, it is absolutely inseparable from the research and development and manufacturing strength of blowing machinery and equipment. Through years of development, the domestic blow molding machine industry has been catching up with internationally renowned blow molding machine manufacturers in the technology learned and borrowed, and gradually formed its own advantages in the manufacture of blow molding equipment. In fact, the blow molding machine needs to form its own advantages, and it is inseparable from the advancement of the production technology of the related parts of the blow molding machine. For example: the advancement of the domestic technology of air compressors, compressors and other related parts and equipment, only the leading advantages and advancements of these parts and equipment in the completely domestic technology can promote the progress of the entire blow molding machine industry. With the development of plastic bottles in the domestic market, plastic blow molding machines have also developed rapidly, and are widely used in the beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, and have attracted more producers to choose blow molding machines to replace the previous bottle manufacturing Tool of. In many products, multi-layer extrusion blow molding machine is the prospect of blow molding machine. As a multi-layer hollow blow-molded hollow product, the proportion of high-protection products is increasing. The field of manufacturing multi-layer blow-molded products is not only developing very fast in the food packaging industry, but also in chemical, cosmetics, medical and health and other industrial packaging. Rapid growth. Therefore, the development of the bottle blowing machine will be at its peak in the next few years due to its excellent characteristics. Widely used, however, the demand is also increasing. At present, the pharmaceutical industry has two urgent needs for blowing equipment. First, because the price of raw materials continues to rise, companies have never wanted to reduce packaging costs and maximize profits, so you need to use advanced blowing equipment to produce lighter bottles; second, as the market changes with each passing day, production companies must be flexible Response, medicine and shorter life cycle. There are many problems with these two emergency blowing equipment suppliers. Therefore, in the development process, blowing machine companies must face these problems in order to achieve long-term development, play their own advantages to seize the market, the industry and continue to strengthen technological innovation, establish a good brand image to stabilize the market.
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As the manufacturing procedure of bottle blowing machine becomes more regulated, the costs to businesses will increase and the workforce will suffer as a result.
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