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Acting sales of bottle blowing machines make 2 million

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-21
For a man who often kill in a traditional industry, Mr Li is a veteran and shopping malls, has experienced large and small business, he is no longer afraid of any form of commercial war. When in September last year, a friend recommended him to a commodity agent, that is bottle blowing machine series products. Because this kind of product, at present, there are few in the domestic production enterprises and the relative demand in the market is relatively large, combined with the present domestic agents and not much on this. After a few times after consideration, Mr. Li decided to get a provincial agents of bottle blowing machine. After a series of consultations and negotiations, manufacturer gave a lot of preferential policies, Mr Li let li dismissed his trouble back at home, especially in after-sales service, more than any other industry manufacturers have very big advantage. In terms of product warranty, all products are warranty for 15 months, just 12 months warranty, and similar products at the same time for some products door-to-door free maintenance service, when buying new products to provide on-site technical guidance, and do not charge any fees. When receive a call from a customer, bottle blowing machine manufacturer established in since the agent to get the bottle blowing machine, Mr. Li began to busy, on one side, and with the manufacturer for advertising, one side is busy and new customers to contact. After more than a month of operation, Mr Li has a lot of successful sales quantity of bottle blowing machine, a total of more than 10, behind have a lot of customers waiting to sign the bill at once. Mr. Li didn't think of bottle blowing machine business, so the real feel these products is very superior. In less than a year, Mr Li had to earn the profits of nearly 2 million, and the after-sale services recognized by users.
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