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About baidu keywords ranking good mechanical bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-09
Facing the fast development of Internet, bottle blowing machine enterprises from the entity's competition has already developed into the Internet keywords ranking. That means what? The Internet is an inevitable trend, I don't think a good company on the Internet propaganda, is equivalent to no progress, bottle blowing factory heart has a dream, in one hundred to the enterprise in one hundred plan, the network must plan, now tell me about how do we use the Internet, the use of baidu search engine to promote the company's sales performance. This website has been set up eight years, from begin to contact the Internet, machinery industry from the beginning, my in the mind have the use of network to spread the idea of the blow molding machine and plan. Think our industry, after all, very few people do at that time, but other places do bottle blowing machine manufacturers more numerous. In order to have a foothold in the bottle blowing machine industry, so the Internet is to be done. First of all, I choose is to use baidu to do propaganda and promotion. There at that time, there is a bet on the idea of, because the baidu, is not too famous, many people are not recognized, but I would bet on time, I thought to myself, baidu will certainly be more and more people to use in the future. Tell me about how do we do next. First: we use people often industry terms are analyzed. I received a lot of Internet customers, even a lot of old customers are now my Internet customers, didn't even met. Inside me is to use the keyword search our products to expose our web site, so as to achieve the company faces the national trend. Whenever I got a call from online customers, ask how do customers find us. Customer will say: ah, I'm through baidu search bottle blowing machine price find your company's web site, some even will say: I do plastic bottles of companies is taizhou, I sought to see in our local search, is to search: taizhou bottle blowing machine manufacturers. The issue came here, just our website a few key words are in the position of the first page of baidu, some network company called we also: say, do you here the keywords, have the effect. I clear answer, have the effect, and the effect better leverage. Because we do the user experience is very good, very good. We more to understand customer's search habits at ordinary times, thus to optimize site keywords and the experience of the customer to do the best, this is our factory has always been service tenet: customer is god, is the first forever. The second point, we will use the company's sales personnel, spare time to each big B2B web site registration information free of charge. First, we want to B2B website traffic is high, and can be a free trial. Such not only promoted the magnanimous brand your company publicity, so as to let the customer is also made up the defecate of the search engine above. After all search engines and B2B e-commerce are different. The habit of each customer is different, have used to using the search engines, have become accustomed to using B2B trade platform, so the effect is to play a complementary role. The third point: we website set up time and alibaba set up time. If nothing else, is a bet on psychology. Mentality is: at that time I decided that baidu and alibaba will certainly become a big company. Now: you bet. I play eight years ago, jack ma of alibaba and baidu, robin li, specifically the two person is my business model. They taught me, as long as perseverance, insist on his own ideal and faith, then can do a product. My bottle blowing machine now achievement, they are played. Well, today is here, go back to my side more tips share with everyone. And then finally wish everyone have a happy life. Have not understand place can play telephone company here at any time. Have a good success experience, I will share with you the first time, you feel good, don't forget to the upper right corner of the collection point. Taizhou machinery the only official website: http://www. czfmc。 Com/article belongs to the mechanical original, reproduced please indicate the company sources.
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