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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-30
The working principle of the whole system of the fully automatic bottle blowing machine is relatively simple, because only the stretch cylinder and pre-blowing part need to be supplied, and the installation structure is also very convenient. The relationship between supply and demand should be grasped when bottles of different capacities are used. The editor of Xianji.com above introduces the working principle of the automatic bottle blowing machine and the working process of the bottle blowing machine. The working principle of the automatic bottle blowing machine is as follows: The heating coil is used to melt the plastic. There are differences in the melting point of each plastic, so you should have three temperature function displays when designing the heating coil. Therefore, the solid-state relay of each heating coil in the electrical cabinet is filled with a current transformer in the parison in the form of an ammeter, which can be clearly displayed, one as the set temperature, such as 200 degrees. Second, as a low allowable temperature such as 250 degrees, the fluidity of the plastic at such a low temperature will accelerate the product quality, and the screw will stop automatically when it reaches a low temperature. And alarm display. Third, as a high allowable temperature such as 160 degrees (such a high temperature, the fluidity of the plastic will be very high, which will not only affect the product quality, the full automatic blow molding machine English name BLOW MOULDING MACHINE. Referred to as BMM. Its basic working principle is: to soften the thermoplastic so that It clings to the cooling surface of the closed mold, and the inflated parison solidifies to form a hollow plastic product. The screw of the automatic bottle blowing machine. There are single-screw twin-screws and multi-screws because of their different products. Different, let’s talk about single screw. Nowadays, most of the screws are driven by motors (there was a hydraulic drive before) and use frequency converters to control the screw speed. There is a quantity in the barrel of the screw, so the shear force of the screw will be very small. For the screw The damage is very small) The screw will stop automatically when the temperature is too high. And start. Second, the screw motor must never start when the die head is completely closed. Molds are usually blow-molded in half. At work, the parisons extruded from the die are combined together and then blow-molded. Its standard procedure is usually like this: move mold-close mold-lock mold-pressurize-blow needle in-blow-exhaust-release pressure-open mold-move mold-into the next cycle. So I see you when designing control. You are required to do it. The mold shift is never in place and the mold is never closed, and the mold is never thin. So I have the following comments when designing the die control. As soon as the die head hydraulic pressure is not activated, a system is formed. Extremely complicated. Since the production and requirements of each product are different, its production process will also be different, so its working procedures and requirements will also be different. Security must be put in place, that is to say, in a closed position, never lock the mold. The clamping is never in place and no pressure is applied. The pressure is never in place and the blowing needle never enters. Never blow when the blowing needle enters the position. Schedule. It is impossible for the screw motor to reach the set pressure relief value. The mold will never be opened. The mold opening is never in place and the mold is never moved. The next cycle stops working and alarms when the mold shift is never in place. Every action that is not in place can alarm and can be clearly displayed on PLC or operation panel. There is also a stable cooling water temperature. When it is so low or so high, it can show that it is so low or so high. It can alarm and can display that it will not necessarily require shutdown? Die head. Die head is divided into continuous type and storage type, let's call it the time interval type. The main part of the die head is a handful of melted plastic, so that the hollow can be stopped when it is too low to show such a low level. When hydraulic pressure is overloaded, it will alarm and stop and display. The air pressure requirement can show the normal state and such low and too low. Alarm and display at such low and high energy. And it is required that the button can be used to control the total air intake. And when any door is opened, the total air intake can be cut off, and it can be restarted only after manual confirmation of reset. When the bottle is not blown during idling, the high-pressure gas passes through the original pipeline solenoid valve to the stretch cylinder gas storage pipe. The recovery gas storage pipe and the stretch cylinder gas storage pipe are separated by a one-way valve. The recovered gas storage train has no high pressure gas. At this time, the entire stretching air circuit system and pre-blowing system remain in their original state before modification. If the equipment starts to blow the bottle, the high-pressure gas in the bottle enters the recovery gas storage pipe 6 through the three-way valve 10 exhaust pipe through the one-way valve 12, and enough gas is recovered after the equipment runs a circle, and the manual solenoid valve 1 is also used to close The original stretched high-pressure air intake and pre-blown air inlet pipelines, at this time, the stretched cylinder and pre-blown air are changed to supply air by the recovery air storage pipe, because the volume of the bottles produced is different (0.6L, 1.25L, 2.0L, etc.) )
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