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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-30
Below, we will introduce the adjustment of the temperature and production speed of the blow molding machine, and the debugging of the plasticization system of the blow molding machine. Temperature adjustment of automatic bottle blowing machine When processing the automatic bottle blowing machine, it is necessary to pay attention to some temperature control to ensure that a suitable plastic bottle is produced. 1. Melting temperature TM: For crystalline polymers, it refers to the temperature at which the three-dimensional remote ordered state of the macromolecular chain structure transforms into a disordered viscous fluid state, also known as the melting point. It is the lower limit of the crystalline polymer molding processing temperature. 2. Glass transition temperature TG: refers to the transition temperature of amorphous polymer (including the non-crystalline part of crystalline polymer) from the glass state to the high elastic state or from the latter to the former. It is the lowest temperature at which the macromolecular segment of the amorphous polymer can move freely, and it is also the upper limit of the working temperature of the product. 3. Never flow temperature: the highest temperature at which no flow will occur under a certain pressure. The automatic bottle blowing machine adds a certain amount of plastic into the barrel at the bottom of the capillary rheometer die, and heats it to a certain temperature. After the constant temperature is 10 min, a constant pressure of 50 MPA is applied. If the material never comes from the die After the pressure is relieved, it is difficult to increase the temperature of the material by 10 degrees. After holding for 10min, apply the same constant pressure again, and continue until the melt flows out of the die. The temperature is reduced by 10 degrees. The never flow temperature. 4. Flow temperature TF: refers to the temperature at which the amorphous polymer changes from a highly elastic state to a viscous flow state. It is the lower limit of the processing temperature of amorphous plastics. 5. Decomposition temperature TD: When the temperature of a polymer in a viscous fluid state is further increased, the degradation of the molecular chain will be aggravated, and the temperature at which the molecular chain of the polymer is significantly degraded is the decomposition temperature. More than five points are our summary of how to pay attention to the temperature of the hollow blow molding machine during production, but in general it is not only these five points, which requires us to quickly sum up the experience in our daily work, and then we can discover Its problem exists. The production speed of the bottle blowing machine is adjusted by increasing the exhaust time and increasing the saturation time to slow down the speed. In addition to reducing the overall temperature of the light box, the overall temperature of the light box needs to be reduced by 1%, increase the speed and reduce the speed for every increase of 0, 1S. The operation is reversed. (The minimum exhaust time is 0, 8S, after less than 0, 8S, there will be a phenomenon of bottle skipping due to the lack of exhaust in time) No matter how fast the speed is increased or slowed down, the maximum change is 0, every time. 3S observes the quality of the bottle for a period of time, and adjusts the speed again after the quality of the bottle is stable. Every time you adjust the speed, you must carefully observe the quality of the bottle and adjust the temperature of the light box in real time. Every time the blowing cycle changes 0 or 1S, the output of the bottle will change by about 50 per hour. The blowing machine should make reasonable adjustments to the blowing speed according to the speed of the filling machine. 1. Debugging of the plasticizing system 1) The heater of the plasticizing system must be uniformly fastened, and the heater and the heated surface are evenly and tightly attached. For the mica heater, use a rubber hammer to strike at the same time as it is tightened to ensure a close fit, which is conducive to uniform heating, and in addition, extends the service life of the heater. 2) A certain kind of thermocouple probe must have sufficient spring preload to ensure accurate temperature measurement. 3) Generally, the compression bolts of the storage cylinder die head should not be completely tightened, just press it with your fingertips to allow room for thermal expansion and contraction of the barrel; the axis of the barrel should be kept straight and must not be bent. 4) After heating, some kind of barrel cooling water and die cooling water should be turned on to prevent blockage and blockage of the feeding section of the barrel, and prevent the oil cylinder seals on the gear box and the die from aging so quickly and leaking oil. 5) A magnetic stand must be placed in the hopper to prevent iron filings from entering the screw, causing damage to the screw and die parts or blockage of the die runner. 6) When the cold machine starts, it is generally recommended to reduce the extrusion speed, and gradually increase the speed again after the tube blank is normally extruded from the die. 7) Before the tube blank is normally extruded from the die, the personnel should stand in front of the die and below the die; when the storage cylinder machine is in the first three shots, the personnel should stay away from the top of the die and manually shoot the pressure Generally not too large (generally never exceed 5MPa). 8) The automatic injection pressure of the storage cylinder machine is generally not so high. The actual time of manual injection is generally greater than 5 seconds. Such a fast speed can easily lead to inaccurate wall thickness tracking and melt fracture. 9) For machines equipped with wall thickness control system, you need to start the wall thickness controller first and run it manually, then start the extrusion again to prevent the die from being completely closed and causing parts damage. 2. Maintenance of the plasticizing system 1) During the operation of the belt drive pair, the belt may be slightly stretched, and proper tension is required.
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