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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-30
Blow molding machine is a kind of equipment that makes plastic particles into hollow containers through blow molding process. At present, there are two more commonly used ones. One is a one-time molding hollow extrusion blower using PP and PE, and the other is Two-step injection stretch blow molding machine using PET, PC or PP molding twice. The two-step bottle blowing machine is widely used in any shape of carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, edible oil bottles, pesticide bottles, small-caliber bottles, high-temperature bottles and other packaging containers made of crystalline plastics such as PET and PP as raw materials. . For many people who are new to the plastic bottle industry, they need to understand and learn a lot before purchasing, and they need to buy according to their own needs. The more expensive the bottle blowing machine, the better nature is, but it may not be suitable for you. Since there are many types of blow molding machines, they are usually divided into semi-automatic blow molding machines, hand-plug automatic blow molding machines, and fully automatic blow molding machines. Now let's intuitively talk about the two steps in the production of the two-step blow molding machine. First, preheat the preform to irradiate the preform through the infrared high-temperature lamp tube to heat and soften the preform part to maintain the shape of the bottle mouth. The mouth of the preform never needs to be heated, so a certain cooling device is required to cool it. 2. Blowing molding. At this stage, the preheated bottle preform is placed in the ready-made bottle blowing mold, and the stretching rod is stretched out for high-pressure inflation, and the preform is blown and drawn into the required bottle shape. Semi-automatic blow molding machine features: 1. It can blow 0.1-5 liters of PET bottles (one out of two), 5L-20L (single cavity) 2. Use two-cavity molds to blow 500 ml bottles per hour. Up to 2000. 3. Citroen’s PLC control system, time control can be up to 0.01 second. 4. Special air storage device. 5. The infrared lamp is used for heating, the penetration is weak. Uniform, fast and reliable 6. Different heating lamps are equipped with independent national temperature control devices to ensure the perfect heating effect of the preforms. 7. The direction of the heating lamps can be adjusted according to different preforms. 8. The operation is only One person is required, no specific training is required 9. Installation, intuitive start 10. The finished product scrap rate is less than 0.1%, the automatic blow molding machine does not require manual operation, and the output has different models with 2000-8000 bottles per hour. Features: A. Adopting Citroen’s microcomputer control system with stable performance; B. Manual delivery of billets by conveyor; C. Adopting infrared lamps for heating, which has weak penetrating power. The preforms are heated since they turn, and the orbital revolution and heating are uniform, fast and reliable ; D. The width of the lamp tube, the reflector plate and the highest point in the heating zone can be adjusted to suit the heating of preforms with different structures, and there is an automatic exhaust device to ensure the constant temperature of the drying tunnel; E. Each mechanical action has a safety self-locking device. If a process fails, the program will manually switch to a safe state; F. Each action is driven by an oil pump, which has the advantages of no pollution and low noise; G , The air circuit design divides the action and the blowing into three parts to meet the needs of blowing and different air pressures; H. The use of high pressure and double crank arm link clamping, strong clamping force; I. Operation There are two methods: manual and fully automatic; J. Safe and reliable unique valve position design, especially to make the gas path clear at a glance; K. The production process is fully automated, with low investment, low efficiency, easy operation, and intuitive maintenance. , Security and other advantages. L. The bottle body is free from pollution. M. The cooling system achieves a perfect cooling effect. N. Installation and start-up are intuitive. O. The bottle scrap rate is less than 0.1%.
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