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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-30
Share the structure and working principle of the automatic bottle blowing machine: 1. The main structure and principle of the machine 1.1. The mold clamping part is changed to a positioning rack for balanced positioning, three templates in the front, middle and rear, double crank linkage mechanism, and mold clamping cylinder , Through the electromagnetic directional control valve to push the cylinder to drive the connecting rod crank arm to realize the opening and closing of the mold. The structure design is reasonable, the work runs smoothly, and the clamping force is large. 1.2. The stretch blowing part is changed to a stretch solenoid valve, a high-pressure blowing valve, a pull-body sealing cylinder, a movable sealing seat, and a blowing air storage cylinder. When working, the piston of the stretching cylinder is pushed through the directional control valve to drive the stretching rod and the sealing cylinder to push up on the preform that has been closed. The sealing cylinder seals the mouth of the preform, and the stretching rod is elastic when it has been heated. The preform is stretched longitudinally. In addition, the gas stored in the gas cylinder is replaced by a high-pressure blowing valve through the sealing cylinder to blow the preform under high pressure and then form it by high-pressure inflation. 1.3. The heating chain plate passes through the first station of the stepping cylinder, and is changed to the photoelectric switch to detect and position, and then the product is blown by the forming mechanism. The stepping cylinder pushes the one station to detect and position, and the continuous production is repeated. 1.44. The self-rotating chain is driven by the motor to continuously work, so that the preforms in the drying tunnel are quickly and evenly heated. 1.5. The preforms are transported and sorted through the feeding system, and the preforms are installed on the bottle blowing machine base by the conveying manipulator, and enter the drying tunnel 1.6. Two sets of fairly independent far-infrared lamp ovens are formed for heating. Each far-infrared tube of the oven can be adjusted longitudinally to the left and right according to different preforms. 1.7. Preform heating. Cool the bottle mouth while the preform rotates to make it evenly heated, and again use a fan to blow hot air on the preform, so that the inner and outer walls of the preform are evenly heated. 1.8. After the preform enters the blowing mold, the pre-blowing enters to stretch the blown preform in a circular direction; when the stretch rod reaches the top of the mold, high-pressure air enters the cavity to further stretch the preform and make the bottle wall Close to the mold bi. 1.9. The high pressure gas is kept in the mold for a certain period of time, on the other hand, the internal pressure caused by the stretching of the preform is eliminated. At the same time, make the bottle wall close to the mold wall to improve the crystallinity of the bottle body plastic. 1.10. After the high-pressure gas is over, the venting and demolding starts. 1.11, the blowing process is over. 1.12. The bottle is conveyed to the bottle-loading station through the chain plate, and the bottle-loading cylinder is used to pick it up, and again it is blown out by the airflow. 2. Blowing process adjustment 2.1. Installation operation (precautions) 1. Promote standardized operation; 2. When blowing hot bottles, pay attention to the damage to the body caused by the high temperature of hot kerosene. The mould is 125℃-135℃, and the mould temperature machine is 140℃-150℃. 3. Please turn off the control power when testing the mold temperature; 4. Pay attention to the bodily harm caused by the loosening of the high-pressure gas connector; 2.2. Blow molding conditions 1. Temperature: including: A, lamp power setting; B, temperature of the exhaust fan Setting; C, the influence of ambient temperature on the heating box D, the temperature of the hot mold: 125℃-135 ℃, the water bottle mold 10-15℃; 2. Pressure: including: A, pre-blowing pressure 5-15 kg/cm? , The actual value is 9-12 kg/cm?; B. Blowing pressure: cold bottle 25-30 kg/cm?; C. Cycle blowing: 15 kg/cm?; 3. Flow rate: the pre-blowing pressure will never change When, the size of the speed. 4. The speed of the tie rod: The speed at which the tie rod rises is directly related to the stretching of the preform. 5. Forming setting: A, pre-blowing delay. B. Blowing delay. C. Blow time, exhaust time, etc.
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