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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-28
The outer packaging of beverages is a great tool to attract consumers. Looking at the relevant packaging on the market today, the materials can be described as diverse, including paper, metal cans, and plastic bottles. However, there are seams in the beverage box, and there are gaps in the metal can. The plastic bottle is basically formed in one piece. Have you ever been as curious as the author? What kind of equipment is used to make plastic beverage bottles with various colors and shapes? ? In the production process of plastic beverage bottles, the blow molding machine can be called the number one hero. Just like the message conveyed by the name, the molding of the plastic bottle is blown out. The raw materials are plastic particles that are softened into liquid or made into preforms. These raw materials become familiar plastic bottles after undergoing the blow molding process of the blow molding machine. At present, the commonly used blow molding machine blow molding methods include hollow extrusion blowing one-time molding and injection stretch blowing two-step blow molding. The two-step bottle blowing machine needs to irradiate the preform through the infrared high-temperature lamp first, so that it will soften to an appropriate level when heated, and then start the bottle blowing process. The bottle blowing machine adapts to the blowing of bottles of different sizes according to the size of the cavity. The bottle volume is more than 0.25L-10L. The smaller the bottle that is blown, the lower the production efficiency. Taking the products of a certain company in my country, the company’s large-cavity series blow molding machine (applicable below 0.75L) can reach a production capacity of 81,000 bottles/hour, so the minimum production capacity of the large-cavity series blow molding machine is 14,000 bottles/hour. The production capacity of the two is extremely different. Nowadays, when competition in the food and beverage market is fiercer and fiercer, more and more food companies are focusing on improving the production of packaging, hoping to attract consumers' attention through diversified bottles and drive their desire for consumption. This has also led to more and more special-shaped bottles on the market. The adaptation of the bottle blowing machine to special-shaped bottles mainly depends on the replacement of the bottom mold and the mold. Some blowing equipment manufacturers have considered this problem at the end of the design of the equipment. Using functional parts that are difficult to disassemble and assemble, one person can replace a set of molds in only two or three minutes. In the beverage industry, carbonated beverages are a relatively specific beverage product. The state of the gas filled in it will change when it undergoes collisions, heating up, etc., so the requirements for bottles are getting lower and lower. At present, most of the bottle blowing machines on the market can adapt to the low requirements of carbonated beverages on the bottle body. The products can not only adapt to the production of general water bottles, but also produce CSD bottles specifically for carbonated beverage equipment. At present, the production capacity of the same equipment will decrease when producing CSD bottles, and relevant companies need to inquire clearly when purchasing products. Beverage and food can be regarded as a large waste of resources in the production process. Now, as the slogan of environmental protection and energy saving becomes more and more low, how to solve problems as related enterprises has become a small focus of blowing equipment. Although the bottle blowing machine does not involve the use of water resources, it needs to heat the mold during the production process, and also needs to use high-pressure gas, high-pressure gas and other gas resources. It is reported that some companies have changed the original pneumatic stretching of the bottle blowing machine to servo stretching, and the pneumatic sealing is changed to mechanical sealing, which saves the use of low pressure gas; and also uses a new bottle blowing process of three blows and two recyclings to save high pressure gas. It consumes about half. As a kind of equipment in the packaging process, the bottle blowing machine needs to be used in conjunction with the bottle washer, filling production line and other equipment in the specific production process, and it is bound to face the coordination problem of the equipment building. For many companies, their equipment is by no means produced by the same company, and the bottle blowing machine needs to be used in conjunction with equipment from other companies. Many blow molding machines can not only complete the blow molding process in an independent country by improving their own equipment and procedures, but also can communicate with the filling line, and can also be placed in the blow-fill-spinning integrated machine for operation. The author referred to well-known foreign blowing equipment manufacturers and found that the minimum production capacity of their large bottle blowing equipment can reach 82,000 bottles per hour, which is almost the same as the corresponding equipment in my country. However, there is a relatively small gap in the production capacity of carbonated beverage bottles, large and medium bottle blowing machines and other equipment. Under such circumstances, my country's relevant blowing equipment manufacturers also need to recognize their own limitations, increase investment in equipment research and development, and achieve catch-up with blowing equipment as soon as possible.
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