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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-12
1. YCQ series linear automatic PET bottle blowing machine is the most stable two-step down-blow stretch full-automatic PET bottle blowing machine equipment of Jinyi Machinery, from a two-cavity to a six-cavity, The speed of each cavity is 1000 bottles/hour (500ml beverage bottles), and the maximum can blow 2L beverage bottles. It has an emergency stop system for upper and lower systems and an independent counter device that can accurately count the output; it has an infrared lamp heating heater device, which has strong penetrating power, and the preform is heated by rotation, and the heating is uniform and fast. Linear PET bottle blowing machine is suitable for blowing any shape of carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, large-caliber bottles, high-temperature resistant bottles and other plastic packaging containers with PET as raw material. 2. The Q series high-speed linear blow molding machine is used for the production of PET water bottles, hot-filled bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, edible oil bottles, and pesticide bottles. It adopts a servo control system, with stable and reliable structure, high speed and stability, simple maintenance, flexible and convenient mold matching, and meets the needs of online continuous production. The high-speed linear blow molding machine is controlled by a microcomputer touch screen and temperature adjustment, which makes it easy to adjust the temperature of different bottle types in blow molding. It has a servo transmission system, high positioning accuracy, fast and stable speed and good reliability, no air source to save energy, and high-speed blow molding machine has low maintenance costs. The high-speed linear blow molding machine of Jinyi Machinery stretches the preform through a servo motor controlled stretch rod. Its advantage is that it can be stretched in sections, and the preform is positioned first to ensure the verticality of the preform during stretching. Perform a second stretch. Ensure the uniformity and consistency of the stretching of each preform. Sex. At the same time, the stretch speed of the bottle blowing machine is fast and the position is accurate.
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