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4-cavity pneumatic version automatic blow molding machine display

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-09-13
YCQ series linear automatic PET bottle blowing machine is the most stable two-step down blowing and stretching automatic PET bottle blowing machine equipment. Drink bottle. It has an emergency stop system for the upper and lower systems, and an independent counter device, which can accurately count the output; it has an infrared lamp tube heating heater device, which has strong penetrating power, and the preform is heated by rotation, and the heating is uniform and fast. The linear PET bottle blowing machine is suitable for blow molding carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, large diameter bottles, high temperature resistant bottles and other plastic packaging containers of any shape with PET as raw material.
It has become necessary for Yosion Machinery to continually cultivate, develop and update their skills to work successfully alongside high-tech.
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Consumers like these are interested not just in bottle blowing machine they will spend their money on, but also in the human and environmental impact of the supply chain that produces those goods.
Yosion Machinery offer various lines of products in line with international standards along with professionals who can offer suitable solutions pertaining to the existing problem in blwoing machine company bottle blowing machine.
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