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2017 Munich International Beverage Technology Exhibition, Germany, blow molding machine-professional production of machinery

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-16

2017 Munich International Beverage Technology Exhibition Exhibition time: September 11-15, 2017 Exhibition location: Germany-Munich Exhibition Center Exhibition cycle: four years First time: 1951 1. Exhibition positioning drinktec is a global beverage and liquid food The premier professional fair in the technology industry. It is held every four years at the Munich Exhibition Center in Germany. The exhibition brought together major multinational manufacturers, suppliers and small and medium enterprises from all over the world, as well as important manufacturers and retailers in the industry. Drinktec is recognized in the industry as the preferred platform for launching new products to the global market. Drinktec covers the complete industrial chain of the beverage and liquid food industries. Manufacturers choose to showcase food raw materials and the latest production technology, filling technology, packaging technology and distribution solutions here. 1. Leading drinktec is the world's leading beverage and liquid food technology industry exhibition. 91% of exhibitors regard drinktec as the first choice for the exhibition. Drinktec showcased this industrial chain. From raw materials and ingredients, manufacturing, canning, packaging, logistics and marketing, the data in 2013 fully demonstrated the impact of the exhibition: 132,000 square meters of exhibition area, 1,400 from 76 countries Exhibitors and nearly 67,000 visitors from 183 countries. 2. Premiere platform-foreseeing the future drinktec is recognized as the primary release platform for new technologies and trends in the beverage and liquid food industry, providing new ideas and motivation for the industry. Here you can see the latest research and development machines in operation, such as bottle blowing Machine, filling machine, labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, etc. 90% of the audience recognized and appreciated the importance of drinktec. 3. Positioning for the business and market. Industry professionals from all over the world came to Munich, Germany to participate in the five-day drinktec. Exhibitors spared no effort to showcase their latest products and services. Ninety-five percent of the visitors are market leaders, and 98% are satisfied with the exhibition's deep penetration of the market. 52% of the exhibitors found new business at the exhibition site, 82% of the exhibitors had significant business results after the show, and 93% of the exhibitors thought that Drinktec was worth participating in. 4. Global gathering drinktec is an important international industry exchange platform: 61% of overseas exhibitors (from 76 countries) and 62% of overseas visitors (from 183 countries). One of the few exhibitions that can attract domestic and foreign professional traders like drinktec, and 94% of the exhibitors gave the exhibition a high rating. 5. Audience quality and support Drinktec is definitely an exhibition not to be missed for industry participants. The proportion of decision makers in the audience is very high, accounting for 84%. The quality of the audience should not be underestimated. 92% of the audience expressed satisfaction with the wide range of products and services on display, and were willing to recommend it to other colleagues and colleagues. The loyalty of the audience is also quite high, 97% of the audience are multiple exhibitors. 95% of the audience believe that drinktec has played a vital role in the development of the industry. 6. Professional services and suggestions make happy exhibitors not only audiences, but exhibitors also provide strong support to drinktec. 93% of the exhibitors indicated that they would continue to participate, and 96% of the exhibitors would recommend it to other colleagues and peers. This is all based on the professional services and suggestions of the exhibition, and the exhibition project team keeps launching new ideas. Therefore, 91% of the audience satisfaction is no suspense. 2. Exhibition features 1. Innovative drinktec is a catalyst for innovation and development. The latest technologies, products and solutions will be displayed at drinktec one by one. Drinktec is also the vane of the industry. Exhibitors and visitors gather together to exchange industry information and opinions. This is the best place for business partners to establish long-term partnerships. 2. Internationalization The exhibitions hosted by the Munich Expo Group are international and comprehensive whether they are in Germany or outside Germany. For example, Drinktec, as a leading exhibition in the beverage and liquid food industry, 60% of exhibitors and visitors are from overseas . 3. Success-oriented drinktec is an important industry exhibition, covering the complete industrial chain of the beverage and liquid food industries. As a professional business platform, it has successfully met the market needs of both supply and demand. The satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors is an indicator of the success of Drinktec. 4. Future-oriented drinktec shows the development trend of the industry, and its topics will confirm the industry trend in the next few years and decades. Experts and scholars from all over the world will share their knowledge, ideas and solutions.                                

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