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2010 plastic hollow container industry, chairman of the joint center for enlargement

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-26
Product packaging plastic bottle blowing mechanism of China packaging federation committee hollow container industry joint center will be held in Beijing on May 30, director of enlargement. The meeting is the main content of hollow industry how to adapt to the low carbon economy development and brewing a new session of the council election. Comes as the world during the director meeting package assembly, Beijing international packaging exhibition opening and plastic packaging of China packaging federation committee seven-time five annual meeting, the delegates will attend along with all the plastic packaging of China packaging federation committee seven-time five annual meeting, visit Beijing international packaging exhibition and world packaging BBS. Main content and the meeting topics is brewing a new board and leadership. In the era of low carbon economy development, the historical mission of hollow container bottle blowing machine industry and promote the development of the industry benign BBS. In-depth analysis and the characteristics of the current economic situation and deal with counsel, to take, etc. Combining the characteristics of region economic development and the demand characteristics of the hollow container packing. Establish industry development direction. The current various material hollow container in their respective advantages, development status and the possibility to replace each other. Advocating the mainstream consumption direction, improve packaging products of environmental protection, scientific, practical and reasonable. Domestic and imported equipment integrated operation and investment analysis. Improving the raw material, performance, outstanding quality, variety and customization, lay solid foundation for the ultimate weight loss products. Main auxiliary equipment in order to achieve maximum potential in energy consumption, achieve precision of matching, the elaboration temperature control system, standardize the parison control system. To carry out the energy saving valuable results for many years, to improve the standardization of the operation technology, the scientific; Complete the operating practice and theory of transition and leap.
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