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What size air compressor is used for the blow molding machine? The blow molding machine manufacturer recommends the selection method

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-18
The blow molding machine air compressor is mainly used for low-pressure pre-blowing and high-pressure blow molding. It is a necessary auxiliary equipment for the blow molding machine. According to the different output and power of the blow molding machine, the air compressor used is also different. different.   Then the blow molding machine uses a large air compressor, how to choose an air compressor? 1. Select the air compressor to determine the parameters. 1. The operating pressure mainly depends on the exhaust pressure of the air compressor. At the same time, the pressure drop of the air pipeline and the purification system is also considered. 2. The actual air consumption and the selection of the air volume should be considered. Factors such as cycle time, cutting-edge maximum air volume, gas storage capacity, possible leakage, and future expansion plans. Generally, it can be about 20% more than the actual dosage. 2. The blow molding machine is equipped with an air compressor, size one, two automatic blow molding machine: high pressure air compressor 1.2/3.0, low pressure screw machine 37kw, air tank 30kg    one output four automatic blow molding machine: high pressure air compressor 15kw, 2 sets, low pressure screw machine 15kw, air storage tank 30kg    one out of six automatic blow molding machine: high pressure air compressor 2.0/4.0 more than 3 sets are equipped with air compressor for Jinyi blow molding machine, configured by different manufacturers The air compressor is slightly different. After all, the output of the bottle blowing machine determines how large the air compressor is to be used. Therefore, it is recommended that when choosing an air compressor, it should be determined according to the output and energy consumption of the bottle blowing machine.  Related recommendation: How much is a bottle blowing machine? The factory direct sales offer for many years, the teacher teaches you how to choose a fully automatic bottle blowing machine. Which brand is better? Which one is the best one for six blow molding machine manufacturers, and what is the price?
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