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What are the fault analysis methods of the blow molding machine system?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-28
Blowing equipment is composed of machinery, blowing machine, electrical and other devices, so there are various failures. A certain fault phenomenon may be caused by many factors. Therefore, to analyze the fault of the blow molding machine, you must be able to understand the schematic diagram of the blow molding machine system, have a general understanding of the function of each component in the schematic diagram, and then analyze and analyze according to the fault phenomenon. Judgment, the causes of failures caused by many factors need to be analyzed one by one, and the main contradiction can be grasped in order to better solve and eliminate them. It is difficult to understand the flow of working fluid in the components and pipelines in the flying pigeon blow molding machine system, so it brings more difficulties to analysis and diagnosis. Therefore, manufacturers and people are required to have strong analysis and judgment of faults. Ability. Find out the cause and location of the failure in the complex relationship between machinery, blow molding machine, and electrical, and eliminate it in a timely and accurate manner. (1) Simple fault diagnosis method The simple fault diagnosis method is a commonly used method at present. It is the maintenance personnel based on their personal experience and using simple instruments to objectively use asking, watching, listening, touching, To understand the working conditions of the system, analyze and diagnose, and determine the cause and location of the failure. The specific methods are as follows: 1. Ask the equipment operator to understand the equipment operation status. These include: whether the blow molding machine system works normally; whether the blow molding machine pump is abnormal; the time and result of the blowing oil detection and cleaning; the cleaning and replacement of the filter element; whether the components of the blow molding machine have been adjusted before the failure; whether The sealing components have been replaced; what abnormal phenomena have occurred in the blow molding machine system before and after the failure; what failures have occurred in the system in the past and how to eliminate them, etc., need to be understood one by one. ② Look at the actual working status of the blow molding machine system, and observe whether there are problems with the system pressure, speed, oil, leakage, vibration, etc. ③ Listen to the sound of the blow molding machine system, such as impact sound, pump noise and abnormal sound; judge whether the blow molding machine system is working normally. ④ Touch the temperature rise, vibration, crawling and the tightness of the connection to determine whether the working state of the moving parts is normal. In a word, the simple diagnosis method is only a simple qualitative analysis, which has a wide range of practicability for rapid judgment and troubleshooting.
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